A 14th Century Family A 14th Century Family

Awards by Branch/Group

This is a list of local branches/groups that have members which have received awards from the Kingdom of Northshield or the Principality of Northshield. It does NOT include other Kingdoms or branches of the SCA.

Branch Name Branch Type Region Type Award Count
Bentbridge Forming Group Woodlands 7
Blachemere Canton Lakes 60
Border Downs Shire Plains 164
Caer Anterth Mawr Barony Woodlands 1099
Castel Rouge Barony Plains 438
Coille Stoirmeil Canton Woodlands 85
Coldedernhale Shire Plains 63
Darkstone Shire Woodlands 51
Dreibrucken Shire Plains 52
Falcon's Keep Shire Woodlands 171
Heorot Denu Village Plains 33
Hvitskogar Shire Woodlands 18
Inner Sea Shire Lakes 30
Jararvellir Barony Woodlands 1020
Korsväg Shire Plains 232
Mare Amethystinum Shire Lakes 75
Midewinde Shire Plains 147
Mistig Waetru Shire Woodlands 40
Noiregarde Shire Plains 84
Nordleigh Canton Lakes 101
Nordskogen Barony Lakes 1357
Norwealdmere Village Woodlands 16
Orlova Dolina Shire Lakes 31
Oubliette Forming Group Lakes 11
Rivenwood Tower Shire Lakes 96
Rockhaven Shire Lakes 68
Rockwall (Disbanded) Shire Woodlands 25
Rokeclif Shire Woodlands 66
Rudivale Shire Plains 34
Schattentor Shire Plains 130
Shattered Oak Shire Woodlands 112
Silfren Mere Shire Lakes 220
Skerjastrond Shire Woodlands 43
Stromfels (Disbanded) Forming Group Woodlands 1
Svatý Sebesta College Plains 89
Tor Aerie College Lakes 12
Trewint Shire Plains 76
Turm an dem See Shire Woodlands 95
Vilku Urvas Shire Lakes 41
Western Keep (merged with Trewint) Shire Plains 33
Windhaven Barony Woodlands 234
Wynandremer (dormant) Shire Lakes 11

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