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SUN Chancellor

Mistress Thora Sigurdsdottir

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1201 Belsey Boulevard, 105 Moorhead MN 56560 United States
(402) 659-6497
Took Office: 03/07/2020
Photograph of Thora Sigurdsdottir
Position Details
* The SUN Chancellor is a lesser officer of the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (KMOAS). The Chancellor will report to the KMOAS at least quarterly, on the same schedule as the local MOAS’, and may have to report more often if the KMOAS requires it.
* The main duty of the SUN Chancellor is to assist in running the yearly event of classes held on the second weekend of November. The Chancellor works with the Kingdom Events Deputy to get bids for the event based on Kingdom Event Policies. The recruitment of teachers, the scheduling of classes, and the advertising of the event are the primary duties. The deputy is also expected to work as closely with the hosting group as they wish to ensure all aspects of the event run smoothly. 
* The Chancellor is responsible for the projectors, tarps, and other equipment in the SUN inventory. The inventory is to be updated every year by January 1. 
* The Chancellor will maintain a database
of prospective teachers, the areas they are able to teach, and their contact information.  * The Chancellor is to act throughout the year as a liaison to the populace in connecting event coordinators with prospective teachers. Not many people know of this resource; the Chancellor will need to do a great deal of outreach to the staff running an event. 
* The Chancellor will also act as an assistant and advisor to the KMOAS as needed on other projects as needed.
Time Commitments
* This position will require about 5 hours a week in maintaining the database and liaising with event coordinators.
* From June through November there will be an expected additional 5 hours per week, with perhaps more time needed in October and November as the event date approaches. Key Skills
This position requires excellent organization and time-management skills. Multitasking is also very important, as are interpersonal skills to work with both teachers and students of varying degrees of capability. Problem-solving is needed to quickly deal with class changes and other on-the-spot questions that arise during the event. Summarizing and tabulating data from the event will be necessary for the yearly report to the KMOAS.
Summary of position
* Oversee and monitor the Stellar University of Northshield in November
* Assist in scheduling the yearly SUN event in November and assisting the host group as necessary. 
* Recruit teachers. 
* Schedule classes, often with last-minute changes. 
* Responsible for the SUN inventory.
* Maintain a database of prospective teachers, their area of expertise, and their contact information.
* Report to the KMOAS at least quarterly on the same reporting schedule as local MOAS’
* Assist and advise the KMOAS as needed.
Time Commitments
Time commitment will vary from about 5 hours a week year-round to 10-15 hours a week during October and November.
Key Skills
* Working well with others
* Data organization to keep lists of teachers and classes available current
* Multi-tasking
* Scheduling
* Summarize and compile reports after the event
* Ability to diplomatically reach out to event staff with offers of help
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Thora Sigurdsdottir Login to view 3/7/2020 Active 8 months
Berenice Calvina Login to view 11/12/2017 3/7/2020 28 months
Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth Login to view 2/10/2015 11/12/2017 33 months
Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent Login to view 12/17/2010 2/10/2015 50 months
Katlin McArthur Login to view 1/1/2008 12/17/2010 35 months
Merouda Pendray Login to view 9/1/2006 1/1/2008 16 months
Mairghread ingen Sean Login to view 6/1/2005 9/1/2006 15 months

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