Saraidh ingen Guairi Saraidh ingen Guairi

Event Information Officer

Baroness Anpliça Fiore

(Rachel Gray)
4472 Manor Park Drive NW Rochester MN 55901 USA
(507) 421-1231
Took Office: 01/30/2013
Photograph of Anpliça Fiore
Position Details
General description: Keeper of Northshield's social calendar. This office maintains the calendar of events for Northshield. This entails making sure that not too many events are happening on one weekend and that the events are far enough apart so that fun may be had by all. Also part of the job is to review event advertisements for required elements and content prior to publication. This position works closely with the Chronicler as the event ads and calendar make up about half of the Northwatch.
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Anpliça Fiore Login to view 1/30/2013 Active 26 months
Osric of Fayrehope Login to view 4/4/2009 1/30/2013 45 months
Cassandra of the Western Green Login to view 1/2/2007 4/4/2009 27 months
Mearha Fyrstdohtor Login to view 7/20/2005 1/2/2007 18 months
Aleksandra Drakonova Login to view 10/1/2004 7/20/2005 9 months

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