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Master Cyveiliog McKinley

(Theron Rutyna)
801 3rd Ave E Ashland WI 54806 USA
(715) 209-1426
Took Office: 09/10/2016
Photograph of Cyveiliog McKinley
Position Details

Makes sure there is a record of the Court Lists from Their Majesties for each court, both Royal and Regency. Included information should be:

  • Majesty’s Names
  • Event Name
  • Date
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Name of Award
  • Reason for recognition.
  • Scribe’s name assigned to creation of each recipient’s scroll

Receive court list from TRM approximately 2 weeks prior to a Royal Court.

Look up each name on the OP to make sure the recipient doesn’t already have the award – forward any information about that to TRM.

Coordinates the production of scrolls requested by the Crown, assign scrolls to Scribes to have completed and delivered by at least one hour before court on the day of the event.

At times, there will be last minute scrolls added to the court list. Must be prepared to create a scroll or coordinate to have a scroll or promissory scroll for Court that day/evening.

Forward reasons for awards given during each Court to the Clerk of Precedence for entry purposes.

Attend the court meeting prior to court at an event – having all scrolls ready for TRM to sign and seal. Work with the Court Herald making sure scrolls are in the correct order. Stand behind TRM in Court to give the Herald the scrolls as they are being read. If person is not there and the scroll is not given to someone to accept for them, keep the scroll and attempt to get the scroll to the person it was created for.

Maintain the list of scrolls that you have that need to find their owners on the Kingdom Web site. If at all possible, get those scrolls to the individuals they belong to.

Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Cyveiliog McKinley Login to view 9/10/2016 Active 14 months
Katerinka Lvovicha Login to view 9/13/2014 9/10/2016 24 months
Ia ingen Aeda Login to view 12/10/2012 9/13/2014 21 months
Jutta van der Bruegghen (known as Ivetta) Login to view 9/8/2012 12/10/2012 3 months
Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli Login to view 10/10/2009 9/8/2012 35 months
Astrid of the Yellow Rose Login to view 10/11/2008 10/10/2009 12 months
Ailleanne ingen Faelin Login to view 4/19/2008 10/11/2008 6 months
Astrid of the Yellow Rose Login to view 12/9/2006 4/19/2008 16 months
Roxelana Bramante Login to view 1/29/2005 12/9/2006 23 months
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