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Laurel - Blazon:

Laurel (Total Presented: 33)

Members of the Order of the Laurel may choose to swear fealty, but are not required to do so. The candidate must have attained the standard of excellence in skill and/or knowledge equal to that of his or her prospective peers in some area of the Arts or Sciences. The candidate must have applied this skill and/or knowledge for the instruction of members and service to the kingdom to an extent above and beyond that normally expected of members of the Society. Blazon:(Tinctureless) A laurel wreath.
  Persona Name Presenting Branch Name Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Bartel fitz Neel Kingdom of Northshield 8/17/2013 St Radegund's Arts and Science Faire Morgan II and Lusche II
Bayard the Turner Kingdom of Northshield 7/14/2012 Warriors and Warlords XIX Wulfgar and Devon
Cainnech ruad mcGuairi Kingdom of Northshield 7/9/2005 Warriors & Warlords XII: The Wars of the Roses Tarrach and Fina
Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid Kingdom of Northshield 7/9/2005 Warriors & Warlords XII: The Wars of the Roses Tarrach and Fina
Crispin Fletcher Kingdom of Northshield 5/7/2016 Schützenfest XI Rhys and Gwenhwyvar
Danr Ketilsmiðr Kingdom of Northshield 1/29/2005 Twelfth Night Siegfried I and Bridei
Ealdred of Malmesbury Kingdom of Northshield 9/13/2014 Northshield Fall Coronation Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II
Edwin atte Bridge Kingdom of Northshield 1/15/2011 Old Twelvey Night Hrodir II and Anne I
Eithni ingen Talorgain Kingdom of Northshield 7/8/2006 Warriors and Warlords XIII Lars I and Mary I
Eliane Halevy Kingdom of Northshield 1/19/2008 Twelfth Night Hagan and Eilis
Elizabeth Von Kulmbach Kingdom of Northshield 8/6/2015 Pennsic War 44 Tom II and Sigrid II
Eva of Greenfield Kingdom of Northshield 4/12/2014 Northshield Spring Coronation Hrodir III and Anne II
Faerisa Gwynarden Kingdom of Northshield 9/2/2006 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Crusades-Village Faire Lars I and Mary I
Frederick de Fulbert Kingdom of Northshield 1/9/2016 Nordskogen Twelfth Night: Dreikönigsfest Toyaoka Katsuo and Aethelflaed
Giovanna di Battista da Firenze Kingdom of Northshield 3/5/2005 Bardic Madness XV Siegfried I and Bridei
Guttorm Arnesson Kingdom of Northshield 3/22/2014 Las Aventuras de la Liebra Iberica (Haire Affaire) Hrodir III and Anne II
Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan Kingdom of Northshield 9/12/2015 Fall Coronation Toyaoka Katsuo and Aethelflaed
Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth Kingdom of Northshield 2/8/2014 Stellar University of Northshield Hrodir III and Anne II
Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson Kingdom of Northshield 1/10/2015 Nordskogen 40th Anniversary Twelfth Night Celebration Vladimir II and Petranella II
Ingus Moen Kingdom of Northshield 9/8/2007 Northshield Fall Coronation Hrodir and Giulia
Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky Kingdom of Northshield 1/9/2010 Much Ado about Twelfth Night – An Elizabethan themed event Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Juliana Foxcroft Kingdom of Northshield 3/12/2012 Gulf Wars XXI Vladimir and Petranella
Kevin O'Shaughnessy Kingdom of Northshield 12/10/2005 Boar's Head Æsa and Kitadate-tenno
Kou no Toshikage Kingdom of Northshield 4/10/2010 Spring Coronation Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Kudrun Pilegrim Kingdom of Northshield 8/31/2014 Known World Bardic Congress and Cooks Collegium VII Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II
Mairghread ingen Sean Kingdom of Northshield 4/14/2007 Northshield Spring Coronation Siegfried II and Gwyneth
Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent Kingdom of Northshield 1/15/2011 Old Twelvey Night Hrodir II and Anne I
Niccolo Falconetto Kingdom of Northshield 9/10/2011 Northshield Fall Coronation Morgan I and Lusche I
Orlaith Ballach Inghean Fhlain Kingdom of Northshield 5/19/2012 Quest for Camelot Wulfgar and Devon
Petranella Fitzallen of Weston Kingdom of Northshield 6/16/2012 Stellar University of Northshield (SUN) and Heralds & Scribes Symposium Wulfgar and Devon
Petro Petrovich Kingdom of Northshield 8/6/2014 Pennsic War 43 Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II
Simon Morcar Kingdom of Northshield 1/10/2009 12th Night Æsa Drottning and Kitadate-tenno
Sofonisba Vespasiana Gabrielli Kingdom of Northshield 7/12/2014 Warriors and Warlords XXI Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II

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