The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM! The aftermath of Moooooooooooo BOOM!
Photograph: Siegfried von Kulmbach and Bridei nic Gillechattan
Kingdom Reign#: 1
Combatant Name: Siegfried von Kulmbach
Consort Name: Bridei nic Gillechattan
Runner Up Combatant Name: Tarrach Alfson
Runner Up Consort Name: Fina ingen Aeda
Crown Tournament: Crown Tournament
Crown Tournament Date: 08.05.2004
Crown Tournament Branch: Windhaven
Coronation Event: First Coronation
Coronation Date: 16.10.2004
Coronation Branch: Silfren Mere
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King's Champion: Gunther KegSlayer
Queen's Champion: Dumal Ruithilcaraid

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