Combat Archery (MagisterFrater Giles) Combat Archery (MagisterFrater Giles)
Youth Boffer Combat Marshal of the Field in Training (MIT Authorization)
Persona Name Modern Name Branch Region Card Exp
Aeden of Clan Colquhoun Jason Krueger Windhaven Woodlands  
Aneira Applegate Kristen J Bird Jararvellir Woodlands 2/27/2025
Ansila the Goth Paul D. Midewinde Plains 5/1/2022
Christiana Melville Alisa Carlson Shattered Oak Woodlands 9/4/2024
David DuPont David Brough Castel Rouge Plains  
Hans of Rockhaven Hans Mersinger Rockhaven Lakes  
Jean du MalChance John Kieffer Caer Anterth Mawr Woodlands  
John Le Salvage Kenneth Soch Darkstone Woodlands  
Kristina Kristina Seldal Nordskogen Lakes  
Murdoch McArthur Scott Adkins Caer Anterth Mawr Woodlands  
Winifred Payne Bethany Zeitler Jararvellir Woodlands 4/20/2024
Xanthippe Botaneiatissa Colleen Hohensee Windhaven Woodlands  

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