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Court Date: 8/17/2019 (Court #1)
Event Name: St. Radegund's Faire
Presenting Royalty: Konrad II and Aibhilin II
Reporter: Iohannes Glenfidanus
Herald: Iohannes Glenfidanus

The following changes to Kingdom law were read into court:

Section I-600

Statutory law will be the continuing body of law in the Kingdom. The Crown will have power to change, repeal or add statute only after consultation with the Stallari Council, provided that the change, repeal or addition does not conflict with any superior laws as established by the Order of Precedence of Law in the Governing Documents.

Section I-700

Should the majority of the quorum of the Stallari Council believe a change to statutory law to be substantive, the Crown must publish the proposed law change in the Northwatch and allow one month from publication for comment before proceeding. When necessary to comply with a Society directive, the period for comment may be shortened, postponed, or cancelled.

Section II-300

No member of the Royalty may apply for or hold another Kingdom-level, Society, or Corporate office during their reign.

Section V-600

All Great Officers are appointed by the Crown in conjunction with the appropriate Society superior officer and after consultation with the outgoing Great Officer and the Stallari Council.

Section V-700

No Great Officer or any warranted deputies may produce any official publications without approval of the Crown and approval by the Stallari Council. Content of any official handbook is subject to editing by the appropriate Great Officer and the Crown before publication, but any changes made after the Crown’s and Stallari Council approval require approval of the changes by Crown and Stallari Council. All profits resulting from such publications must be remitted to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. Full financial reporting must be made to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on a regular schedule as required by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Section V-800

Great Officers may appoint deputies and assistants (other than Lesser Officers who must be appointed per this Article) as needed.


Section V-820

If a Kingdom Great Officer is planning on fighting or being fought for in Crown Tournament, the potential replacement/deputy must be approved by the Crown, in conjunction with the appropriate Society superior, after consultation with the Great Officer and the Stallari, prior to the submission of a letter of intent for entrance for Crown Tournament. The action of winning Crown Tournament is considered as the immediate resignation of the Great Officer.

Section V-3000 – Lesser Officers

All Lesser Officers will be appointed and warranted by the Crown in conjunction with the appropriate superior officer, after consultation with the Stallari Council.

V-3250—Endowment Fund Advisor

The Endowment Fund Advisor is a Lesser Officer to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Crown and is responsible for making recommendations to Stallari and the Kingdom Financial Committee about the management of the Endowment Fund.

Section V-4000 – Warrants

The warrant of an officer subordinate to a Great Officer is at the discretion of the Great Officer and the Crown acting jointly. Warrants may be renewed, or not, by the Crown and the Great Officer acting jointly. Such a lapse of warrant or tenure is without prejudice towards the outgoing officer.

Section VI-100

The duty of the Stallari Council is to advise the Crown on legislation, appointments to office, and other matters about which the Crown ask for counsel. The Stallari Council also approves expenditures of Kingdom funds, contracts involving the Kingdom, and any other matters set forth in these laws or the Kingdom Financial Policies.

Section V210

Approval by Stallari Council as used in these laws shall mean a majority vote of a quorum, in the case of in-person or live telephonic or electronic meetings, or a majority vote of the entire council in the case of email voting.

Section VI-300

An official meeting of the Stallari Council will be convened by the Crown at least two (2) times per reign. An official meeting of the Stallari Council must include the Kingdom Seneschal.


Section VI - 700

The Stallari Council shall meet once per year within 30 days after the Spring Crown Tournament to review Kingdom Law and Northshield Financial Policies and approve changes as that are needed or desirable. This meeting shall be in addition to convening the official meetings of the Stallari Council as set forth in VI-300

Court was then suspended until later in the day.

Seneschal of Record: Ealdred of Malmesbury

The court of Northshield was reconvened and Their Majesties were joined in court by Their Highnesses Melrakki and Jeanette, Their Excellencies Jaravellir Toussaint and Jois, and Their Excellencies Nordskogen Gabriel and Caoilfhionn

Following the given awards, His Highness Melrakki announced that for personal reasons he needed to retire from the succession and surrender his role as Prince of Northshield effective immediately. A variance from the Society Seneschal was read allowing Her Highness to continue as sole Heir.

Signet of Record: AEsa inn bjardoelska

Seneschal of Record: Emeryk of Rivenwood Tower

Awards Presented

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