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Lady Runa Úlfríðardóttir

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Photograph: Runa Úlfríðardóttir

Pronouns: she/her

Name: Hrafnrún (Runa) Úlfríðardóttir 

Birthplace: Södermanland in Svealand

Born: In the time of Sigurðr hringr

Occupation: trader, explorer, fighter

I was born in the south of Södermanland of Svealand, where the great forests of Kolmården meet the sea. I am the only child of Úlfríðr, daughter of Sæuðr, and Arnmóðr, who was from Álfheimr, the son of Hrafnhildr and Einarr. He was killed in revenge before I was born. When I was a child my mother went traveling.  She didn't return home. I hope she died well, not captured and sold but killed by sea or sword. I was left in the care of my kind elderly amma upon my mother's departure. She was my mother's mother, Sæuðr. She was called Sæuðr in spaka. Several years later, shortly after the Dísablót, my beloved amma died. I joined the vǫlva Úlfdís, my mother's sister, in Uppsala. When I was older I left Uppsala to trade and travel the land and rivers across the sea.


  • Fencing & sharp pointy objects

  • Making & studying historical jewelry (so much love of the jewelry)

  • Researching historical garb, make-up, dance , history, historical sex work

  • Roman & Greek Antiquity, Norse (Sweden), Eastern Steppes, Alans, Scythians, Polish

  • Languages, runes, symbolism, mythology, art, nudes of antiquity

  • Consensual hugs, roses, violets, trees, horses, and chocolates

  • Helping people achieve things, find things of interest, helping newcomers

Items on my to-learn list:

  • Metal work (especially in regards to jewelry)

  • Equestrian

  • Scribal

  • Archery & Combat Archery

  • Heavy Fighting

  • Siege

  • Armor Making


  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Black Flame, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 8/17/2019 St. Radegund's Faire Konrad II and Aibhilin II
Cygnus, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 2/9/2019 Kingdom A&S Competition Vladimir III and Petranella III
Award of Arms Kingdom of Northshield 8/17/2018 Hadrians Feld Yngvar II and Luce II
Award of Arms Kingdom of Northshield 6/2/2018 Castle Fever Yngvar II and Luce II
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Marshal Warrants and Authorizations:  Denotes specific Authorization/Marshal Warrant.

Authorization Card Expiration Date: 03/04/2025
Archery Training Marshal


Armored Single-Handed Weapon (1H)
Armored Training Marshal
Armored Spear
Armored Two-Handed Weapon (2H)
Armored Combat Archery
Armored Siege Weapons
Armored Youth Sparring


Equestrian General Riding and Games
Equestrian Training Marshal
Equestrian Mounted Archery
Equestrian Jousting
Equestrian Driving
Equestrian Mounted Crest Combat
Equestrian Mounted Armored Combat


Rapier C&T Single Sword
Rapier Single Rapier 03/05/2019
Rapier Training Marshal
Rapier Case
Rapier Dagger
Rapier Rigid Parry 03/05/2019
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee
Rapier C&T Defensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Offensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Two-Handed Weapon
Thrown Weapons Training Marshal


Youth Youth Level 1
Youth Youth Rattan
Youth Youth Rapier
Youth Training Marshal
Youth Youth Level 2
Youth Youth Level 3

Youth Page Program

Youth Page Program NPP Tier 1: Novice
Youth Page Program NPP Tier 2: Junior
Youth Page Program NPP Tier 3: Senior

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