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Seneschal Meeting at Boar's Head Notes

Dear Seneschals,

Please see the attached documents from the Kingdom Seneschals Symposium.  We reviewed these documents and the revised sanctions policy at the Seneschal Meeting at Boar's Head.  The Talking Past One Another Handout was reviewed at the Crown meeting.

The attachments are:

  • W-9 and 1099 handout - please review this for instructions about whenever you pay a vendor or individual. 
  • SCA Sales Tax Procedures - This covers sales tax instructions for specifically North Dakota and Wisconsin.  It is important to note that if you have ANY questions, do not contact the Tax Board.  Please contact Ealdred or the Society Exchequer or Treasurer. 
  • Bone Family Grant Requirements and Request Form - This grant is available through the SCA for events that include music and dancing.  There are funds available to help support your events. (Requirements)
  • DEI Presentation for Seneschal Symposium - We are pleased to announce that the new society DEI officer is planning to attend WW to hold her series of classes.  Ealdred and I encourage everyone to attend what they can.  Please review the attached presentation and feel free to email Jessica with any questions ( 
  • Talking Past One Another Handout - This class handout focuses on the interpersonal issues of people messing up UNINTENTIONALLY. This is not for people who are toxic whether by choice or due to mental health.   
  • Sanctions Policy - This process should always start with Ealdred.  You can review the updated and revised sanctions handbook here located here:
We are happy to share that Northshield is developing a process for addressing issues that are not severe enough to require a formal sanction.  We have successfully piloted a Performance Improvement Plan that is delivered to people who need to be told their behavior is not currently acceptable.  This is a letter that is signed by the crown and the Kingdom Seneschal and lays out guidelines for acceptable behavior going forward.  If you feel you have someone in your group that would benefit from such a letter, please contact Ealdred to discuss.

Finally, we will be holding a Seneschal Meeting at 12th Night from 1-2p.  The agenda will be sent closer to the event.  These meetings are open to anyone who might be interested, even if they are not a Seneschal.

Thank you,

Other missives from the Kingdom Seneschal
Posted by: Alinore Wyndover Kingdom Seneschal on 1/1/2020

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