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Otes Mold MacKe

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Persona Type:
Alternate Name Other Personas: Rolf Magnusson (Alternate Name) , Otes MacKe (Alternate Name) , Tokí inn bloðauga Magnusson (Primary Name) , Otes Mould MacKe (Alternate Name)
Device: Purpure, a triskelion of bull's heads argent
**Device may not be registered with the College of Arms**
Photograph: Otes Mold MacKe

Isle of Man


  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Pelican Kingdom of Northshield 12/7/2013 Feast of Bull’s Head Hrodir III and Anne II
Hand of Tyr, Order of the Kingdom of Northshield 10/16/2004 First Coronation Siegfried I and Bridei
Black Flame, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 12/4/2010 Feast of Boar's Head XXXIII: The Thistle and the Rose Hrodir II and Anne I
Glove, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 12/5/2009 Boar's Head 2009 Siegfried III and Elizabeth I
Purple Fret Kingdom of Middle 7/10/2004
Purple Fret Kingdom of Middle 11/15/2003
Red Company Kingdom of Middle 7/13/2002
Purple Fret Kingdom of Middle 7/14/2001
Award of Arms Kingdom of Middle 7/9/1983
Vigil for Pelican Kingdom of Northshield 12/7/2013 Feast of Bull’s Head Hrodir III and Anne II
Scroll of Honor Kingdom of Northshield 4/9/2005 Second Coronation of Northshield Siegfried I and Bridei
Prince's Cypher Principality of Northshield 10/4/2003
Purple Fretty Kingdom of Middle 5/3/2003
Princess' Cypher Principality of Northshield 10/5/2002
Iron Watch Principality of Northshield 3/9/2002
Guide Star Principality of Northshield 8/5/2000
Pyxis Principality of Northshield 9/5/1998
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Current/Previous Offices:

Office Officer for Group Start Date End Date In Office
Kingdom Cut and Thrust Marshal Kingdom of Northshield 3/24/2013 Active 17 months
Deputy Northwatch Editor Kingdom of Northshield 10/1/2013 Active 10 months
Deputy Seneschal of Althing Kingdom of Northshield 10/16/2004 3/1/2008 41 months
Media Relations Deputy Kingdom of Northshield 4/4/2009 4/21/2011 24 months
Editor of the Northstar Kingdom of Northshield 12/6/2010 5/3/2011 5 months
Branch Armored Combat Marshal Shire of Shattered Oak 3/12/2012 2/8/2014 23 months

Authorizations:  Denotes specific authorizations.

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Armored Weapon and Shield
Armored Two Weapons
Armored Spear
Armored Great Weapon
Armored Combat Archery
Armored Siege Weapons

Cut and Thrust

Cut and Thrust Single Sword
Cut and Thrust Defensive Secondary
Cut and Thrust Offensive Secondary
Cut and Thrust Two-Handed Weapon


Equestrian Equestrian Beginner
Equestrian Equestrian Intermediate
Equestrian Equestrian Advanced


Rapier Single Rapier
Rapier Case
Rapier Dagger
Rapier Rigid Parry
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee


Youth Youth Level 1
Youth Youth Rattan
Youth Youth Rapier
Youth Youth Level 2
Youth Youth Level 3

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