Dan'l and Medb of Twin Rose Dan'l and Medb of Twin Rose
Photograph: Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson and Anne Geoffreys of Warwick
Kingdom Reign#: 19
Combatant Name: Hrodir Vigageirr Toreson
Consort Name: Anne Geoffreys of Warwick
Runner Up Combatant Name: Murdoch McArthur
Runner Up Consort Name: Katlin Laurana Sewall
Crown Tournament: Spring Crown and Baronial 40th Anniversary Celebration
Crown Tournament Date: 5/11/2013
Crown Tournament Branch: Jararvellir
Coronation Event: Fall Coronation
Coronation Date: 9/15/2013
Coronation Branch: Skerjastrond
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Archery Champion: Eyricke Rycard
Armored Champion - King: Wilhelm zu Eltz-Kempenich
Armored Champion - Queen: Hanman Hebenstreit
Arts & Sciences Champion: Bayard the Turner
Champion of Courage: Paramonus tou Váltou
Cooking Champion: Abraam Samuel Ben Jucef
Cut & Thrust Champion: Killien MacDoughal
Equestrian Champion: Thuri Landsverk
Executioner: Dimitri Vladescu
Populace Champion: Kate de Mallow
Princesses Sleeve Winner: Marcus Valerius
Rapier Champion - King: Niccolo Falconetto
Rapier Champion - Queen: Marcus Valerius
Thrown Weapons Champion: Guenievre du Dragon Vert

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