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Odwulf Salararius "the Goth"

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Photograph: Odwulf Salararius "the Goth"

     A cold day in late november in the year that Theodoric Starbo (old one eye) took Rome for the Ostogoths, a boy child was born on the banks of the great river
Danube. His father, Atta, was the only brother of Bouren, Cheif of the tribe. His mother, Avina, was the tribe,s Priestess.  With his fathers death (a tooth ach)
at the age of 9, Odwulf was handed over to the romans  by his uncle as a sign of peace.  Odwulf had later found out that his uncle had done this to secure the head
of the tribe, only having a young daughter and no wife to bare a boy. Bouren's deal with the Romans was to have his nepew sent far to the east.

 After 6 years of education in Ravenna, at the age of 15, his uncles request catches up with Odwulf and he is sent to far east of the empire of finish his
studies and training in Constanstinople.  When of age, Odwulf joins the legion, just in time for war with the Persians. Being well educated and full of charisma the
young Odwulf was granted a small unit of men to try out some of his "mixed tactics", using elements of Gothic and Roman battle formations and tactics.  These small
missions proved to be fruitfull and he and his unit were awarded an imagifer and statis of Salararius.

 When word reached him of his mothers illness, Odwulf left his station in Persia with some of his loyal men and travled back to his home , in the mountians on
the river Danube.  Finding his mother alone and on her death bed, she tells him of how Bouren had betraid him and sent him away, and later did the same to the rest
of the tribe, and had left them, along with his daughter, to seek life in Ravenna.  The tribe split in two with out a chief, some staying loyal to Wodan and their
birth rights and some taking the ayarian christianity and leaving.  Odwulf fully beleaving in his mothers abilities as a priestess, and creaditing all his victory's
to Wodan and his tribes patriarch CBB, he sets up camp and lays his mothers bones to rest, with plans of rebuilding  and reestblishing his home.

                                      Odwulf Salararius "the Goth"


  Award Name Presenting Branch Court Date Event Name Presenting Royalty
Cygnus, Award of the Kingdom of Northshield 6/22/2013 Thatsa Mare XIX, The Norse Go A'Viking: It's not a job, It's an Adventure! Morgan II and Lusche II
Award of Arms Kingdom of Northshield 6/26/2010 Thatsa Mare Tom and Sigrid
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Office Officer for Group Start Date End Date In Office
Branch Seneschal Shire of Mare Amethystinum 12/5/2010 10/1/2011 10 months

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