House Greyfeather finally gives Chandler his pony House Greyfeather finally gives Chandler his pony
Court Date: 4/13/2013 (Court #3)
Event Name: Spring Coronation
Presenting Royalty: Morgan II and Lusche II
Reporter: Katerinka Lvovicha
Herald: Katerinka Lvovicha
Herald of record: Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms, Blawhorn herald
Heralds: Katerinka
 Kolfinna Hrafneklsdottir, Aegis herald
Jane Waye
Silent heralds: Suzanne de la Ferte, Nescia

Maol Mhichil Polaris held Uncle Mikey's Heraldic Fun Time prior to the reopening of court. The day's fact: anyone can write anyone in for an award. Someone without an AoA can write Lord So-and-So in for a peerage if they feel it is warranted.

The court was unsuspended from earlier in the day. Morgan and Lusche, Rex et Regina Northshieldensis presided.

Faolan, the MiC for the day, was called up to announce the armored combat tournament winners. Duke Ullr won the tournament, and Kaitlyn and Murdoch were found to have the best boast.
Mistress Margalit announced that Don Ambrose won the rapier tournament. The boast winner for rapier was a gentle who proposed to his lady.
Mistress Margalit presented Her Excellency Luce with a buckler.
Duchess Fina ingen Aeda and Suzanne de la Ferte the silent herald and everyone who assisted with the consort hospitality gathering were thanked.
Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté
Lord Angus de Botha
Lady Michelle de la Ferté
Lady Nesscia Inghean Chearnaigh
Lady Cristina l'Ambeler
The silent heralds were:
Lady Nesscia Inghean Chearnaigh (Calontir's current Goodhand Herald - Kingdom Silent Herald)
Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté (Calontir's previous Goodhand Herald)

Ia ingen Aeda, Polaris signet, cheerfully offered to steal the artwork of anyone who didn't pick up their piece from the scribal display.
Gypsies of Hobo presented Their Majesties with feast gear and tokens.
The Worshipful Compny of Moneyers paid their taxes with billion hand-struck coins. Interesting fact: these coins were struck with a traditional coin die on one side, and an engraved carriage bolt on the other side as a makeshift die, because the regular die was not available. The engraving on the bolt simply said: mea culpa.
Lion and Squirrel Enterprises (Katerinka Lvovicha and Leah of Schattentor, proprietors,) in collaboration with the scribes of Northshield, presented Their Majesties with a full deck of jumbo heraldic flash cards. The deck has the device of every group in Northshield, as well as every kingdom in the Known World. These cards are designed to teach the people of Northshield the dark art of heraldry, and will be used prior to every court where they are present.

Old business -- Lillian Montgomery -- AoA

Awards Presented

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