The Scroll of Honour The Scroll of Honour
Court Date: 4/9/2022 (Court #3)
Event Name: Northshield Spring Coronation
Presenting Royalty: Ajax and Gaia
Reporter: Abelard die Elster
Herald: Abelard die Elster
Evening court

Seneschal: Sorcha Bhuidhe
Signet: Tatiana Marana Melville
Toy Run Supervisor: Abelard die Elster
Heralds: Katerinka Lvovicha, Derbáil ingen Néill, Abelard die Elster

Silent Herald: Christiana Galyard de Caen

Presentation: Castel Rouge
Presentation: Jararvellir
Presentation: Schattentor

Toy Run: Heimdall Skallagrimsson
Law Read: I-500 There will be three classes of Kingdom law. These will be statutory law, Royal proclamation and Royal edict.
Law Read: I-900 A Royal proclamation is defined as a lawful command of the Crown, and has the force of statute for the duration of the reign in which it is proclaimed. A proclamation must be announced in Royal court and published in the Northwatch before taking effect. A proclamation cannot contradict statutory law.
Royal Proclamation: Narwhal of Northshield, aka Unicorn of the Sea: Vladimir Radescu

Newcomer Mugs were presented to those who this was their first event or court

Presentation: Korsvag

Presentation: Ealdred of Malmesbury

Winner of Bardic Challenge: Bridget ni Cathasaigh

Awards Presented

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