HE Hrothgar the Lucky HE Hrothgar the Lucky

Territorial Baroness

Evil Baroness, Dark Mistress Kateryn of the Amber Mists (formerly of Cornwall)

(Lisa Andrews)
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(414) 339-8146
Took Office: 12/07/2013
Photograph of Kateryn of the Amber Mists (formerly of Cornwall)

Baroness Clare Agatha MacLeod

(Robyn Brough)
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(204) 774-8505
Took Office: 08/30/2014
Photograph of Clare Agatha MacLeod

Mistress Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu

(Ingrid Ranney)
Address Hidden
(612) 839-9498
Took Office: 01/05/2013
Photograph of Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu

Mearha Fyrstdohtor

(Barbara Lowe)
1906 Pershing Rd New London WI 54961 USA
Phone Hidden
Took Office: 02/25/2012
Photograph of Mearha Fyrstdohtor
Previous Officers
Persona Name Email Start Date End Date Term
Clare Agatha MacLeod Login to view 8/30/2014 Active 12 months
Kateryn of the Amber Mists (formerly of Cornwall) Login to view 12/7/2013 Active 20 months
Dejaneecie Amidarium Vu Login to view 1/5/2013 Active 31 months
Mearha Fyrstdohtor Login to view 2/25/2012 Active 42 months
Eva of Greenfield Login to view 12/4/2010 12/7/2013 36 months
Æsa Gilsdottir Login to view 11/7/2009 1/26/2013 38 months
Isobel atte Wode Login to view 9/5/2009 8/30/2014 59 months
Saraidh ingen Guairi Login to view 1/19/2008 1/5/2013 60 months
Kateryn of the Amber Mists (formerly of Cornwall) Login to view 12/9/2006 12/4/2010 48 months
Morgan Camelen Melintaur Login to view 3/11/2006 2/14/2009 35 months
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