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Minutes from 3-2005 - E-List Compiled

Stallari Email List Minutes of decisions reached during March 2005

  • All Stallari members are on list.

  • There was discussion of proposed law changes that were published in the March Northwatch. Language was finalized, posted on the “News & Announcements” sectionof the website, will be announced at Coronation, and will be published in the Laws edition to be mailed shortly. Kudos to Christian for his elegant rewording of the law about Kingdom guilds, etc.

  • The News and Announcements section of the Northshield website is now up. The Ask Stallari section will be up soon.

  • There are new policies for the A&S Handbook:

Local or regional special interest groups organized for the study of a specific medieval art, science, practice, or craft have no official standing within the Kingdom of Northshield and shall receive no recognitions or regulation beyond that which is commonly applied to households. This permits such groups to form and disband without unnecessary bureaucracy as interest in its focus waxes and wanes over time. While it is desirable that a special interest group would report its activities to the local MOAS, it cannot be required.

Kingdom-wide special interest groups within the Kingdom of Northshield must meet the following requirements:

  1. They must submit a charter to the KMOAS outlining their focus, defining their officers and organization, and requesting kingdom sponsorship in accordance with Northshield law. The KMOAS shall make recommendation to the Crown and Stallari Council concerning acceptance of such a charter. The KMOAS will keep a copy of the charter in the files.
  2. The group and its activities must be open all members of the SCA, and its meetings and activities announced sufficiently in advance that all interested parties have a chance to attend.
  3. The group will report to the KMOAS on the same schedule as local officers or the charter shall be revoked and kingdom sponsorship shall cease.
  4. Organization of the group shall not infringe upon the rights and prerogatives of the Crown or its representatives."
  • Nordskogen requested that Equestrian Practice have the name Northshield in the event name. This was approved.

  • The new Minister of Regalia will be Alissende de Montfaucon (Tammy Thompson).

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Council Secretary (KLO) on 3/1/2005

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