Baroness Abbey Kegslayer being escorted by HE Wulfgar Baroness Abbey Kegslayer being escorted by HE Wulfgar

Minutes from 5-15-2005 - Crown Tourney

Stallari Agenda: Sunday, May 15, 2005 (Crown Tournament)

Present: HRM Tarrach Alfson (Dave Horvath), HRM Fina ingen Aeda (Lorine Horvath), HRH Kitadate-denka (Neil Gilmore), HRH Aesa Gilsdottir (Angie Giles), Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn-Davis), Law Clerk, Maol Mhichil mac Gille Pheadair (Michael Scott Shappe), Herald, Katriona ni Chonarain (Katherine Kretchmar), Council Secretary, Sayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah (Chuck Burton), MOAS, Eleshava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert), Seneschal, Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman), Chiurgeon, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn), Chronicler, Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev of Volynia (John Kowal), emergency deputy seneschal, Greta Rahikainen (Gayle Bitker), Exchequer, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton). Earl Marshal

  1. Their Royal Majesties
    1. Financial stuff
      1. Our income/expenses have been during Greta's tenure as Exchequer
        1. Coronations and Crown Tournaments have been making money for the kingdom, $2000/year estimate income
        2. Quest has brought about $500/year
        3. Fundraising by Exchequer averages $1500/year, some other intermittent fundraising happens.
        4. There are other donations, but we can not count on them or predict them
    2. Discussion of fundraising goals and means.
      1. An Tir adds $2 to NMS on all events to fund the kingdom
      2. Trimaris adds $1 to all site fees
      3. Calontir expects (but cannot require by law) a percentage donation from all groups
      4. TRM will ask the populace to consider how we want to fund our kingdom with letter in June Northwatch
    3. Laws topics past and proposed
      1. Change in Crown Tournament law will be read into court at Quest and be published in the July Northwatch
      2. Creating an Order for Embodiment of the Spirit of Northshield, only one per reign, non-precedence, and high prestige. Still working on the name
      3. Proposed law change adding that the Crown can delegate authority approval for the use of the Kingdom’s name in an event name to the appropriate kingdom officer
      4. Proposed law that a group may not be suspended without a Great Officer (depending on the office that is not reporting) making an effort to contact more than one officer in a group if the nonreporting officer cannot be contacted. Remember that only the Kingdom seneschal can suspend a group.
  2. Their Royal Highnesses – Welcome!
  3. Seneschal
    1. Society Seneschal has asked for clarification on whether Castel Rouge is incorporated.
    2. Reminder to everyone that the reasons for banishments must be kept confidential.
    3. Baronial Advancement and Transitions Policy
      1. Collecting comments from Stallari members, will publish soon
    4. Spring 06 Crown bids
      1. There were two bids submitted. Nordskogen’s bid from Katriona was accepted. Thanks to both bids from Nordskogen for the work that went into these bids.
    5. Spring 06 Coronation bids
      1. We are still working on getting bids, the deadline was moved to June 1
    6. Changes in Corporate Sanction policy
      1. Corporate has published requests for comments on proposed Society Policy
  4. Marshal
    1. Updates
      1. NS handbooks have all passed and are available online
      2. There are new rules for minors, please read them
      3. New Society handbooks are coming out soon
      4. Sidesword is now called Cut and Thrust, and the BoD is waiting for more information from the Society Marshall at the next meeting in July
    2. b) Experiments
      1. Fiberglass arrows for combat archery will be tried out at Quest with the heavier crossbows. Still working on the rules, which should be out this week.
      2. Jousting is no longer experimental. The BoD has approved it. In Northshield it is for experienced riders only.
      3. We are still experimenting with Mandrake thrusting tips. So far more people like the single handed than two handed
    3. An ad for a replacement is out, no applications yet. Deadline is August 1, hoping for a Boar’s Head transition
    4. Working on resolving issues with a local GMIT
  5. MoAS
    1. Baroness Mairghread ingen Sean (Paula Koski) will become Stellar University of Northshield Chancellor. She is working on an instructor database
    2. July Northwatch will include a letter asking for applications for the KMOAS office
  6. All Officers
    1. There is a concern about Kingdom events and how they affect Kingdom officers. Each officer will create a checklist of things that event staff and officers need to think about and get it to Shava by June 30
  7. Exchequer
    1. 1st quarter reports are all in but 1
    2. CCEPS (Ansteorran Credit Card Event Payment System) – information was distributed. Please discuss amongst each other and talk with Greta. The decision will be made whether Northshield will adopt the option by the end of May.
    3. Formation of financial advisory board
      1. Looking for people with accounting and investment experience
      2. Volunteers welcome, talk with Greta by WW
    4. Applicants for Exchequer position thus far: There is one applicant so far. Deadline is in August. Want successor in place by Coronation so that there is lots of training time
    5. HRM Bridei’s van rental to get to Gulf Wars was approved for reimbursement
  8. Chronicler
    1. Kingdom Chronicler Symposium next weekend. Electronic issue high agenda items. There will be major changes
    2. Kingdom Chronicler Warrant extension – The Stallari Council will recommend to the Society Chronicler that Friedrich’s term be extended with the understanding that he look for a deputy soon so that there is a long training period
    3. Much about how is set up is changing. Webminister is in charge of setting up structure, and more people can add information
    4. Kingdom Publications Officer is no longer needed because modern electronic distribution makes this office not necessary. TRM will take the steps to delete it from the laws.
  9. Chirurgeon
    1. We need to improve combat injury tracking, especially with experimental and minor combat. Fighters and Marshalls, please email the Kingdom Chirurgeon with more information
    2. Medical devices that have come up: emergency oxygen, AED's (defibrillators)
      1. Gulf Wars has emergency oxygen available. Margalit is thinking about having that in Northshield sometimes
      2. Defibrillators are too expensive, not thinking about having here now
    3. Working on handbook. Information for Corporate and modern world keeps changing faster than the handbook can get written.
      1. Will require reporting twice a year
      2. Simulated injuries will be included on warranting process (we haven’t been able to warrant Chirurgeons because we don’t have enough injuries)
  10. Herald
    1. We are not accepting submissions at Pennsic
    2. Baron Berwyn has been appointed Keythong Herald. He and Gevehard will have a Road Show at WW
    3. Looking for Blawhorn Herald (previously know as Mede), no applications yet
    4. Looking for Red Boke Herald, current officer moving out of kingdom, deadline Aug 1
    5. Compass Herald will be open soon, have someone interested
    6. Handbooks will be finished by Alaistair Montgomery
    7. Polaris Herald position deadline is June 1, 2 applications in so far
    8. Discussion of award names that were returned by Laurel, and intended appeal of names returned for ‘insufficient evidence of period naming practice’ on the grounds that Royal Prerogative *is* a period naming practice. This is supported by TRM and TRH, and will be appealed to the BoD if necessary
  11. Laws
    1. Summary of recent Board actions, effect on NS laws handed out for review by Stallari officers

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Council Secretary (KLO) on 5/15/2005

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