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Minutes from 7-8-2005 - WW XII

Stallari Agenda: Friday, July 8, 2005 (Warriors and Warlords)

Present: HRM Tarrach Alfson (Dave Horvath), HRM Fina ingen Aeda (Lorine Horvath), HRH Kitadate-denka (Neil Gilmore), HRH Aesa Gilsdottir (Angie Giles), Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn-Davis), Law Clerk, Maol Mhichil mac Gille Pheadair (Michael Scott Shappe), Herald, Katriona ni Chonarain (Katherine Kretchmar), Council Secretary, Mairghread for Tarik, MOAS, Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert), Seneschal, Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman), Chirurgeon, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn), Chronicler, Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev of Volynia (John Kowal), emergency deputy seneschal, Greta Rahikainen (Gayle Bitker), Exchequer, Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton). Earl Marshal

  1. Their Royal Majesties
    1. Financial stuff
      1. Proposing a voluntary surcharge of $1 per adult that would be paid to the kingdom at every event in the kingdom.
      2. Would like financial information, including what is going in and out of each fund, to be available to Crown and Stallari and populus, which Greta will work on
    2. There are laws that will be read into court at this event and a number of laws that We have requested comments on in the August Northwatch.
  2. Their Royal Highnesses – nothing separate
  3. Seneschal
    1. Transitions policy is being set
    2. “Kingdom” event criteria – passed out a draft of a checklist, please send comments to Shava.
  4. Marshal
    1. Lots of turnover coming up in deputies
    2. At least 2 people thinking about applying for KEM position
    3. Experiments
      1. Plastic foils for kids should start soon
      2. Fiberglass arrow experiment currently running
    4. Society handbook probably coming out this fall
    5. Request to use the Northshield name for a personal project, permission granted
  5. Exchequer
    1. ACCEPS – tentative approval after HRH Raito looks over it and speaks with Greta.
    2. Financial Advisory Panel – A number of candidates will meet tomorrow and the committee will bring suggestions to Stallari soon
    3. 2 applications for Exchequer so far, not yet closed
  6. Chronicler
    1. The first issue with the new printer went well, below stipend so far which gives us more options later
    2. See August letter in Northwatch for new Society policy on electronic publications.
    3. No applications for successor yet, lots of time still.
    4. Webministers are not doing well at reporting. Will give a list to Shava and work on policy.
    5. Please put office name in subject line of emails with Northwatch letters
  7.  Herald
    1. Gevehard (Garret Bitker) will be next Polaris Herald.
  8. Laws – has list of laws that are changing or being created.
  9. MoAS – Collecting information for instructor database and answering lots of questions about the SUN
  10. Chirurgeon
    1. We need to work on reporting
    2. If there is a Chirurgeon at an event, that person is by default Chirurgeon in Charge and must report to kingdom. If in doubt, report.
  11. Next meeting will be at Officers Day in the fall.

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Council Secretary (KLO) on 7/8/2005

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