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Minutes from 9-10-2005 - Coronation

Stallari Meeting

Coronation—Mare Amethystinum - September 10, 2005

In attendance: HRM Aesa (Angie Giles); Kitadate-Tenno (Neil Gilmore); Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert), Seneschal; Gevehard von Baden (Garret Bitker), Polaris-intended; Kevin O'Shaughnessy (Mark Gipson), KEM-intended; Cassandra Antonelli (Lee Norton), KEM; Greta Rahikkainen (Gayle Bitker), Exchequer; Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn), Chronicler.

Unable to attend: Margalit Medicus, Chirurgeon; Sayf al-Qamar Tarik ibn Abdullah, MoAS.

Notes taken by: Elashava

Two-part meeting. First part was held during morning Court as the Great Officers came forward to swear fealty/pledge service. Second part held in the Royalty Room at 3:30pm. Kevin & Gevehard were not in attendance during part one.

Part the first:

  • It was agreed that half of Ghita, Society Exchequer’s, plane ticket to Officer’s Day will be covered by the Kingdom. The total cost of the ticket is $186.90 so our part is $93.50. She plans to go over the new forms page-by-page with all the exchequers in attendance so everyone knows how to work them to their best advantage. (And considering the problems some of the exchequers had with the last report, that's a good thing!) She will also help out with a Q&A session.

Part the Second:

  • Greta had been going over the gate information with the event steward for the day and it was looking that they would be losing approximately $400. According to Kingdom policy, just as the profits from a Kingdom-level event are split between Kingdom & local group, a loss is split between Kingdom and the local group.
  • It was agreed to move $20K from savings, where we have approximately $24K, to a 3-month CD immediately. It was agreed to move $10K from the Endowment Fund, where we have approximately $11K, to a separate 3-month CD immediately. Greta will look into this as soon as practical. The decision for a 3- month CD was so that by the time the Investment Advisory Panel meets the money will be available for a longer term solution.
  • Innokenti "Kenya" Rublyov (Heather Cushing) was approved as Greta’s successor. She will become Exchequer next Spring. It was agreed to add Kenya to the Stallari e-list now.

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/10/2005

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