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Minutes from 2-4-2006 - Haire Affaire

Stallari Meeting

Saturday, February 4, 2006 (Haire Affaire)

Present: HRM Kitadate-Tenno (Neil Gilmore), HRM Aesa Gilsdottir (Angie Giles), HRH Lars Wolfsblut (Mike Luthner), HRH Mary of Carrigart (Kate Luthner), Katriona ni Chonarain (Katherine Kretchmar), Council Secretary, Elashava bas Riva (Sue Gilbert), Seneschal, Friedrich von Augsburg (Jim Hoehn), Chronicler, Greta Rahikainen (Gayle Bitker), Exchequer, Kevin O’Shaughnessey, (Mark Gipson), Earl Marshal, Gevehard von Baden (Garret Bitker), Herald, Margalit Medicus (Jamie Feldman), Chirurgeon, Innokenti "Kenya" Rublyov (Heather Cushing), Caradoc Llew Du ap Morgan (Ross Quinn Davis), Law Clerk

  1. Seneschal
    1. Kingdom Event Policy was discussed. It will be published when final wording is chosen.
      1. Support from Kingdom Officers needs to be added
      2. Summary (A in proposed policy) should be in Law, with a notation that more information is in policy.
      3. Financial parts (D and E in proposed policy) should also be in Financial Policy, again with cross references.
      4. The profit/loss split will be negotiated with bids, but policy should recommend 50/50 split between kingdom and local groups.
      5. Kingdom Event bids should include a budget and a summary of responses to the Bid Checklist
    2. Moorish Tavern’s bid for being a Kingdom Event was approved as submitted.
    3. Ages of War, hosted by the Shire of Silfren Mere, will be a Kingdom Event. We support a joint event with Calontir
    4. We have received 2 bids for Fall Coronation, and both need further work. Bids are still welcome until February 15, especially from the Plains Region.
    5. As of March 1, all event stewards must complete turn in an Event Report to the group’s Seneschal. The Seneschal will copy the Regional and Kingdom Seneschals after looking it over. This will be an online form as soon as possible which will allow us to track the information as well as make it easier for the local groups to file the report.
    6. The new Gate Reconciliation Form is now finalized. All events must use it as soon as it is available online.
  2. Exchequer
    1. The Shire of Lub Siochail is suspended due to lack of a Domesday report and lack of an Exchequer. The group will be given until Spring Coronation (April 8, 2006) to rectify this situation and it will be reviewed at that time.
    2. Northshield events may now use the ACCEPS credit card system if they wish. The event will pay $15 to use it (and gets really cool reports), and each credit card transaction will be assessed a $1 fee.
    3. The Shire of Darkstone asked for and will receive a $1750 loan for fall Crown.
    4. Kenya will take office at Spring Coronation.
    5. The budget was reviewed. (I need to get these numbers to put in here.)
  3. Chronicler
    1. The Award Databases, encompassing Recommendations, Order of Precedence, and everything in between, is being worked on.
    2. It was discussed about folding The Northstar and Mead, Meat and More into the Northwatch, as an insert and/or a special A&S issue most likely with a special Arts & Sciences editor doing the majority of the work. Since Tarik was unable to attend the meeting due to work responsibilities, this issue is tabled until he has a chance to review the change in policy and disuss it with the editors of those newsletters. If the newsletters are folded into the Northwatch, subscribers will be given the choice of a refund or donating to the Northwatch.
    3. (Note, this has changed considerably from the original notes based on a conversation that Shava had with Tarik after the meeting and she has been in contact with TRM and TRH about it.)
    4. Osric of Fayrehope (Wayne Morris) will be our next Kingdom Chronicler. Friedrich will hold the office of Northwatch Exchequer during that time.
  4. Earl Marshall
    1. Updates are coming from Society. There will be new rules for Rapier and Heavy. Cut and Thrust will be added. All will be included in Kingdom Combat Rules when final from Society.
  5. Kingdom Chirurgeon applications are due May 1, Changeover to happen this Fall.
  6. Herald—nothing to report
  7. Laws—nothing to report

Posted by: Katriona ni Chonarain Council Secretary (KLO) on 2/4/2006

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