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August Missive

Cén scéal? What’s the news?

Upcoming article submission deadlines are as follows, but please submit art and articles on any topic for the edification of the kingdom.
• July 20 - Did You Know? - Share your favorite bit of historical trivia, from the mundane to the ridiculous. Citations appreciated, but not required.
• August 20 - Stories & Superstitions - Do you know any stories from your persona’s time and place? Even if you aren’t comfortable speaking up around a Bardic circle, you can share them here. Let's keep the narrative alive!
• September 20 - Winter Projects - Summer and camping events are over. How do you keep up your arts and activities over the winter? What are you working on now and what are the goals you hope to accomplish? Share works-in-progress, hopeless messes you’re trying to untangle and research rabbitholes.

I look forward to publishing any Peers who take up the challenge to educate that was issued by the late Maestro Foro. Please send all questions or submissions to northwatch@northshield.org.


Other missives from the Northwatch Editor (KLO)
Posted by: Grainne Dhonn Northwatch Editor (KLO) on 7/12/2022

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