Enika drifa Svensdottir av Uppsala Enika drifa Svensdottir av Uppsala

December Missive

Cén scéal? What’s the news?

Upcoming article submission deadlines are as follows, but please submit art and articles on any topic for the edification of the kingdom.
• November 20 - Joy! Share the things that bring you joy, from your favorite stories and museum artifacts to your best recipe for camp cooking.
• December 20 - Travel. Share your tips and tricks for traveling to events, the best shoes for a pilgrimage, and research on period travel practices!
• January 20 - SCA Culture. What makes the SCA what it is? What are some useful things for newcomers to know? What makes Northshield distinct? 
• February 20 - Accessories & Ornament. What are the details that make your garb, camp, or belongings stand out? What materials or techniques fit your persona?

Thanks to all the good gentles who contributed their fashion plates to the Northwatch! I look forward to publishing any peers who take up the challenge to educate issued by the late Maestro Foro. Please send all questions or submissions to northwatch@northshield.org.


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Posted by: Grainne Dhonn Northwatch Editor (KLO) on 11/15/2021

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