Addah Canty of Clearwater and Kit Marik syn Addah Canty of Clearwater and Kit Marik syn

August Missive

While there are currently little to no gatherings, and demos are discouraged, welcoming and introducing new people to the SCA and Northshield remains our focal point. During this time we have been working on tools that will help newcomers become quickly familiar with, and at home with, the SCA and its participants. We’ve also been distributing information and web links to help newcomers learn about our culture, understand the many areas of interest available to them, and help them get a head start for when events can safely be resumed.

Group Chatelaines and Seneschals continue to reach out to people, and while the referral rate is slower, people continue to reach out to us through the website. We encourage you to share the special moments, community, and opportunities of the SCA with those around you who may be interested. Reach out to newer members and invite them to share in the myriad virtual classes, social gatherings, bardic circles, and fighting demos being created throughout our Kingdom. Sharing that which we have all come to love about this organization is beneficial to everyone, including ourselves.

In this time of the plague, the virtual world has become the main means for newcomers to find and interact with the Kingdom. Please consider that quiet audience when having discussions. While many current events can bring about frustration, divided opinions, and hurt feelings, please keep in mind that heated debates and disrespectful discourse are not the first impression we want to make. We are all here for the Dream, and sharing that Dream with new members won’t happen if we create a place where they would feel unsafe or unwelcome.

We long for the days when we can gather again and introduce those who we have only met online to the wonders of our hobby and, more importantly, the good people of Northshield. Take care, stay safe, and be kind to yourself and others. We are together even if apart.

Yours In Service,


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Posted by: Rúna Úlfríðardóttir Deputy Chatelaine on 7/14/2020

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