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Lord Lucius Larsius Pavo

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Photograph: Lucius Larsius Pavo
Father is a moderate ranking ROMAN soldier. Mother is a Brittani Celt. Father's wife and the siblings I've never met perished in the fall of continental Rome. Father turned to his family in Londinium and recognized me as his legal son and heir. I am a Cook and Musician that travels with the army.

I am into: Open pit fire cooking/baking; Roman Garb and accessories; I am teaching my self to play the recorder, mandolin, viola,  and dance drum(s); I have considered taking up the bagpipes but live in the heart of St. Paul; I experiment with making wine and mead.

When you cant find me cooking or preserving some food thing, I am usually outside planting and caring for the gardens 


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Youth Youth Rattan
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