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Lord Talon Ravenesclawe

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Device: Per pall Or, gules, and vert, towo arrows in saltire Or and in chief a claw couped contourny gules.
**Device may not be registered with the College of Arms**
Photograph: Talon Ravenesclawe

 I’m Talon Ravenesclawe of Taurage I’m a 15th century Lithuanian Cossack. My father is the captain of the personal guard of the Grand Duke Vytautas. My mother is the lady in waiting to the Grand Duchess Birute of Lithuania.

Ever since I started walking I was being trained in archery. When I wasn’t practicing archery I was practicing on my recorder, and being taught basic skills in melee combat.

                When I was 15 I sailed to Japan to study and learn the fighting style of the fierce samurai warrior. I stayed in Japan for 2 years and trained with the samurai for a year. I even made a few friends during my stay there. When my time to leave came they gave me a katana of my own to remember them by.

                 When I sailed back to Lithuania hit a reef and crashed in Russia about 15 miles from the Lithuanian border. I grabbed my gear and started walking to the border.

                When I was a mile away from the border a lone Russian noble warrior attacked me but died from a katana through his mouth. I took his armor and disposed of the body and made it safely across the border.

                I ran into a small group of Zaporozhian Cossacks and ended up getting dubbed a member of the Zaporozhye. Then they provided me with a horse and I rode to Trakai and told my father of my journey and why I was wearing Russian armor.


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Rapier C&T Single Sword
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Rapier Training Marshal
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Rapier Rigid Parry
Rapier Non-Rigid Parry
Rapier Epee
Rapier C&T Defensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Offensive Secondary
Rapier C&T Two-Handed Weapon
Thrown Weapons Training Marshal


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