Syr Gunther Kegslayer Syr Gunther Kegslayer
Court Date: 10/5/2013 (Court #1)
Event Name: Schutzenfest
Presenting Royalty: Hrodir III and Anne II
Unto the Kingdom of Northshield Let It Be Known that at Schutzenfest in Their Barony of Nordskogen, Hrodir Storm King and Anne Archer Queen had Business.  

There was a Presentation from Lord and Lady Blood of protective items:

For Anne a Unicorn Horn in a nice box to protect Her Majesty from Poison.

For Hrodir a Wolf Skin that was not only Tinkerbell Proof but also Acceptable to Horses. 

There were two Contest winners:

Winner the First was Baron Robin Arthur Kyrke for the Archery.

Winner the Second was The Honorable Lady Thuri Landsverk for Equestrian.

Their Majesties also selected two Champions:

The Honorable Lady Thuri Landsverk was asked (and accepted) to be Their Majesties' Equestrian Champion.

Lord Irick was asked (and accepted) to be Their Majesties' Archery Champoion.

Then Their Majesties summoned into Court Mistress Katriona and Master Danr.  His Majesty had problems with one of their children.  Lady Gwyneth was accused of repeatedly poking His Majesty.  She was then asked to be His Majesty's Champion of Courage and asked to sit Court, at Hrodir's feet.

Lord Faelan MacMillan
Baronial Herald for the Barony of Nordskogen
Cadet to Don Simon Morcar

It is with great honor that I announce the new Schutzenkoenig, Siegound Eisenhaut from Castel Rouge.  In a 12 archer final round shoot out for the title, Siegound out shot all other archers to be the 10th winner.

Congratulations to Siegound Eisenhaut!  Skol!

Vidi hovdestad

Awards Presented

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