Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole) Griffin and friend (Sarah the Foole)
Court Date: 1/26/2013 (Court #1)
Event Name: It's Only a Flesh Wound
Presenting Royalty: Yngvar and Luce

A report from the court of Their Dread Stellar Majesties, Yngvar and Luce, King and Queen of Northshield, held 26 January AS47 in the Barony of Jararvellir.

Sitting in state with Their Majesties were Their Serene and Stellar Highnesses, Morgan and Lusche, Prince and Princess, Heirs to the Stellar Throne; and the Territorial Barons and Baronesses of Jararvellir, Nordskogen, Caer Anterth and Windhaven.

The court was heralded by Maol Mhichil mac Ghiolla Pheadair, Polaris Herald, with assistance from Ia ingen Aeda, Polaris Signet and her deputy, Svanhildr Farbjornsdottir.

  • There was a Court of the Barony of Jararvellir.
  • Raito and Aesa retired as Baron and Baroness of Jararvellir. Robert the Stout inherited the fief and took his place in state as Baron of Jararvellir.
  • Lady Svanhildr reported on the results of the Silent Auction.
  • Count Stephen Martel du Bois, the steward of the event, thanked everyone for attending.

In addition, the following items from past courts were delivered to their recipients:

  • Ragar Ravinsfriend -- Award of the Cygnus (bestowed 8 December AS42 at Boar's Head by Hagan and Eilis) [delivered in a separate, small court]
  • Bridei nic Ghillechatten -- Order of the Destrer (bestowed 5 January AS47 at Twelfth Night by Yngvar and Luce)

Awards Presented

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