I think he's dead, Martin! I think he's dead, Martin!
Court Date: 1/26/2019 (Court #1)
Event Name: Tacky Garb Ball Beach Party
Presenting Royalty: Vladimir III and Petranella III
Unto those who read these presents greetings from Beatrice Domenici della Campana, court herald of record for the Regency Court held by Her Royal Highness Aibhilin, in the name of Their Stellar Majesties Vladimir and Petranella, upon the occasion of Tacky Garb Ball, held in the lands of the Barony of Jararvellir upon the 26th of January, A.S. LIII, being 2019 of the common era. 

Her Royal Highness was joined in Court by Their Excellencies Jararvellir, Toussaint and Jois, and Her Excellency of Ayerton (Midrealm), Hillary.

Upon the opening of the Regency Court, Her Highness invited Their Excellencies of Jararvellir to hold Their Court and any business They had.  They did so.

At the closing of Their Excellencies' Court, Her Highness called the following gentles forward for awards

Neither gentle was present, and the scrolls were accepted by TE Jararvellir to be presented to these gentles at a later date.

Her Highness also called forth Joseph Leveson and "presented" a "scroll" (from her open and empty hands) that told of great service and a forgetful Princess who left the actual scroll at home (actual scroll by GeirroĆ°r Kolbeinsson).  The recipient was not present, and the scroll will be given to TE Jararvellir by Her Highness to be presented at a later date. 

Each of the nobles present had words for the populace, speaking of the fun of the day, the need for caution in travels home due to the weather, and Their thanks to those who had given of their time so that the event ran smoothly.

There being no further business, the Regency Court of Their Royal Majesties Vladimir and Petranella of Northshield, presided over by Her Royal Highness Aibhilin of Northshield, was closed.

Awards Presented

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