The Shire of Schattentor went to War The Shire of Schattentor went to War
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Kingdom of Northshield - Ducere Ministrare Illuminare

THACO 4 - The Armored Combat Outing

Hosted by: Barony of Nordskogen

Start Date: 4/20/2013 Thru End Date: 4/20/2013 as XLVII (47)
Oscar Johnson Ice Arena
1039 De Courcy Circle
St. Paul MN 55108

Planned Activities: Armored Combat , Rapier Combat
There are no other activities scheduled for the day. Come hone your combat skills,
then go out and have fun with your fellow combatants.
There are no classes, there is no feast - nothing but a full day of combat activities.

In simple terms, “Fight, fight, fight, lunch, fight, fight, fight, go home.”