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If you wish to camp in the Northshield populace space at Gulf Wars, you must pre-register for the event and list the 'Group Camping With' as "Northshield". Once you are pre-registered, please complete the following form which will be sent to the Northshield Land Agent in order to plan the most efficient usage of the land alloted to us.

SCA Name:

Modern Name:


Phone Number:

City, State/Province:

Home SCA Group:

Tent Type/Style:

Tent/pavilion shape and footprint size - INCLUDING ropes pulling away from the tent:
Kitchen or armor tent information may be noted, but please note that we can only ensure your primary sleeping tent or pavilion. By all means bring your shadeflies and armor tents but do realize there is the chance we may not have the space once living spaces tents/pavilions are up.

Number of people staying in the tent:

Names of all people staying in the tent:

Who do you wish to camp with/near?

Comments/Additional Requests:

Expected Arrival Day:

Estimated Arrival Time:
The arrival time can be a rough estimate but it helps to make sure someone is available to help you find your space.

Event Registration Confirmation Number:

Is anyone included on this request planning to participate in any of the following?
Rapier war points
Armored war points
Archery or Thrown Weapons

Please address questions to

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