Duke Corin du Soleil Duke Corin du Soleil
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Kingdom of Northshield - Ducere Ministrare Illuminare
Photograph: Siegfried Schneepanther and Therica Pembrooke of Stonegate Manor
Principality Reign#: 3
Combatant Name: Siegfried Schneepanther
Consort Name: Therica Pembrooke of Stonegate Manor
Runner Up Combatant Name: Saeric Scirham
Runner Up Consort Name: Yasamin al-Hadiyya
Crown Tournament: Third Coronet Tournament/Second Investiture
Crown Tournament Date: 11/9/1996
Crown Tournament Branch: Windhaven
Coronation Event: Fourth Coronet Tournament/Third Investiture
Coronation Date: 6/28/1997
Coronation Branch: Inner Sea