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Let it be known that it is the will of the populace of the Principality of Northshield that we be elevated to Kingdom status within the Knowne Worlde, there to take our place among the shining jewels that are the other Kingdoms within the crown that encompasses the firmament that is the Society for Creative Anachronism.

This document is the culmination of a process that started in April of 2000 when a populace Althing named Kingdom status as the most important agenda item and called for a straw poll to measure the interest of the populace at large.

Just as the fledgling must eventually fly solo and the colt must run free, so must the Griffin leave the loving embrace of the Dragon and make its own place among equals. It is our desire that the Directors of our great Society look upon this petition with favor, and share in the hope and happy expectations of the citizens of Northshield.

Documents At-A-Glance
Kingdom Laws
Proposed Policies
Financial Policies
KEG Questionaire Results
Northshield History

Formal Requirements for advancement: A kingdom is a sovereign entity within the Society which has the right to select a ruling King and Queen by combat. A branch or contiguous group of branches may petition for kingdom status if the resulting entity would fulfill the requirements listed below.

Members | Officers | Name and Device | Populace consensus/Poll results
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  • At least 400 subscribing members.

    Northshield has maintained a membership base of over 400 sustaining and contributing members for several years. The numbers used here are from the fall of 2002. Because of the bump in membership created by the poll it is felt that these numbers are more indicative of Northshield's average membership than the current figures. Here is a summary from fall of 2002:

State/Province Sustaining Associate Family Total
WI 283 42 139 464
MI 19 4 1 24
MN 189 21 65 275
SD 65 10 45 120
ND 39 4 19 62
Ont 13 0 1 14
Man 28 1 7 36
Total 636 105 254 995

  • A full staff of prospective Great Officers, each of who is acceptable to the Corporate Officer responsible for the direction of that aspect of Society activity.

    Northshield has existed as a Principality within the Middle Kingdom since 1996, during that time the Principality has maintained a full roster of Officers. It is currently Northshield policy that candidates for Principality office be acceptable to their Society counterpart. The suitability of the current Principality Officers to hold office as Kingdom Officers is demonstrated by the letters (email) of support from their Middle Kingdom counterparts, as follows:

    I recommend Lady Eleanor Isabeau du Coeur for the office of Kingdom Chirurgeon for Northshield.

    Since her experience includes being a former Kingdom Chirurgeon of Calontir and the current (acting) Corporate Society Chirurgeon, I have no doubt she will execute her Northshield office with sufficient excellence.

    Ulrich von Landstuhl
    Midrealm Kingdom Chirurgeon


    As You are about to step down I would like to address the Polaris Herald. When His Highness first asked for recommendations that the Principality officers would be good kingdom officers my initial response was no for the Polaris Herald.

    Since that time he and I have had some serious discussions. He is aware of the reasons I initially said no and has been and will continue to work on those problems. I understand the reasons and after further discussion with him and watching his interaction with people at Coronation recently, I wish to hereby commend him and say that yes, I do believe he would make a good kingdom officer.

    On the other hand, the state of heraldry in Northshield is a concern. Polaris and I are working on this and hope to have it turned around in the near future.

    Mistress Elena de Vexin
    Dragon Herald

    I can easily recommend Lianden na Caimron for of office of Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences for Northshield. She has foresight, organization, and a good head on her shoulders. She looks to the future for challenges while never losing sight of where her feet tread.

    She has been invaluable in the running of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire with her calm handling of the constantly flowing situation.

    Lianden will make a find addition for your Kingdom Officers as the Minister of Arts and Sciences!


    Greetings to the membership of the Society for Creative Anachronism's Board of Directors from Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage (MKA Laura Yungblut), Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom!

    As you all know, the Middle Kingdom Principality of Northshield is assembling a bid to move to Kingdom status, having just completed a polling of its membership which indicates a sentiment overwhelmingly supporting that status change. A successful Kingdom bid, however, requires quite a bit more. I am writing this to address one very specific requirement, and to do so at length (sorry) given the potentially joyous but always serious ramifications of "going Kingdom".

    Corpora III.C.4., which lists criteria defining Kingdom status in the Society, calls for "candidates for Great Officers acceptable to the Society Officer responsible for the direction of that aspect of Society activity". Logically, since Society Officers may or may not have had any dealing with those individuals, they are most likely to bounce it back to the individual's Kingdom superior Officer for feedback. That is why I am writing to you all about Jon Larsen (SCA Lord Fiskr Hamondsen).

    Jon first served as a Regional Seneschal and First Deputy to his Principality Seneschal predecessor, and although our communications at that stage of his career were sporadic and only through e-mail, I gained a sense that he was a real go-getter, a major Northshield cheerleader and a borderline workaholic. I also came quickly to understand that he had earned quite a positive reputation in Northshield for his service. When he applied for the Principality job, he came recommended enthusiastically by his predecessor and was recommended almost unanimously by the Northshield Stallari.

    He and I first met face-to-face in September 2002 and have met a couple of times since. Even though Northshield was already well into the process of assembling their bid packet at that point, I told him at that first meeting that I could not write a letter for him yet because I didn't know him well enough and I had not seen enough yet of how he handled the Principality job. To my amazement (after having dealt with a variety of "unique SCA personalities" over the years), he readily agreed that was a very rational and practical course. Naturally, I took an immediate liking to him. <grin>

    So I watched, probably more closely than Jon realized, as he leaped right in with a tremendous capacity for rational problem-solving, excellent diplomacy and a wickedly-yet-constructively humorous style. When Jon took the Principality office, it was something of a mess because of unfortunate issues of communications and activity levels by his predecessor. His leadership has been exactly what I would have wanted in the position at this exciting but potentially turbulent time in Northshield's history. He has been a unifying force, has provided direction and creative solutions when they have been needed, and is smart enough to know when to back off (also rare in the SCA). He has impressed me as much as I've ever been impressed by anyone in the Seneschallate.

    Jon is a rational, card-carrying adult, a rare enough find in the SCA, who has the intellectual capacity for finding the best solutions and the strength of will to see them through. His devotion to the populace of Northshield shines through in everything he does. And he is also a very rare bird in that I have honestly never received one complaint from anyone about how he does his job as Principality Seneschal. Now while I've always maintained that a seneschal about whom no one complains is one who isn't working hard enough, I cheerly make an exception to my own axiom in Jon's case. I'm literally quite sorry that it looks like he will not be eligible to apply for my own office.

    In service,
    Laura Yungblut
    (SCA Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage, Middle Kingdom Seneschal)

  • A name and device registered with the College of Arms.

    The current Northshield arms and name are suitable for registration as Kingdom Arms. The relevant entries are:

    This branch-name was registered in October of 1994 (via the Middle): Northshield, Principality of.

    The following device associated with this name was registered in January of 1995 (via the Middle): Sable, a compass rose argent within a laurel wreath, in chief an ancient crown Or.

    The following device associated with this name was registered in January of 1995 (via the Middle): Sable, a compass rose argent within a wreath of roses, in chief an ancient crown Or for consort.

  • Consensus favoring advancement in branch status, among the members in the proposed kingdom.

    In the summer of 2002 the populace was asked for their input on proposed Laws and other matters. Of the 367 persons who responded, only 2 expressed that they did not support Northshield advancing to Kingdom status.

    Unto: TRM Tarrach and Fina
    Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage
    From: Kirsten Thorsteinsdóttir - Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Group Transitions
    Date: 07 March, AS XXXVII (2003)
    RE: Principality of Northshield Kingdom Poll - UPDATED

    Warm greetings,


    The Principality of Northshield recently conducted a poll to assess support for becoming a Kingdom, along with assessing support for using the Principality Name and Arms for the proposed Kingdom.


    On February 01, 1077 polls were mailed to Principality members with a requested postmark date by February 28th, 2003. As of today, 74.8% (806 of 1077) of the ballots sent to paid members have been returned.

    Adults and minors who renewed after the label printing were permitted to submit polls, but were not counted in the return rate.
    There were 24 new member polls counted in the results.
    The results of the polling are as follows:

I support becoming a Kingdom Yes No Abstain % Support
Adults - received poll 624 89 35 87.5 %
Adults - recent new/renewal 18 12 1
Minors - received poll 44 7 7 86.3 %
Minors - recent new/renewal 1 2 0
Total 687 100 43 87.3 %
I support using Northshield as name Yes No Abstain % Support
Adults receiving polls 668 31 49 95.6 %
Adults - recent new/renewal 18 3 0
Minors - received poll 41 6 11 87.2 %
Minors - recent new/renewal 3 0 0
Total 730 40 60 94.8 %
I support using current device Yes No Abstain % Support
Adults receiving polls 642 29 77 95.7 %
Adults - recent new/renewal 21 1 0
Minors - received poll 37 4 17 90.2 %
Minors - recent new/renewal 3 0 0
Total 702 34 94 95.4 %
Oath: I attest and swear as a Pelican of the Society and a duly warranted Officer of the Middle Kingdom that to the best of my ability, the above is a true and accurate representation of the polling results, as directed by Middle Kingdom Law and the Kingdom Seneschal. All ballots will be forwarded to the Kingdom Seneschal within 30 days.

In Service,
Mistress Kirsten Thorsteinsdóttir, OP, Baroness of the Court
  • A record of well-attended events together with regular study or guild meetings, demonstrations, and other educational activities for the benefit of the members and the community at large.

    Here is a summary of the number of events, demos, practices, and meetings as best as have been documented that have held in each region of Northshield from 1997 through September, 2002.
1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 Total
West Events 10 19 18 19 21 21 108
West Demos 6 7 9 7 8 6 43
West Practices 234 190 197 155 161 120 1057
West Meetings 56 50 47 47 44 35 279
Central Events 13 15 16 15 17 13 89
Central Demos 13 12 12 7 7 8 59
Central Practices 200 200 200 200 200 201 1201
Central Meetings 50 50 50 80 80 80 390
East Events 13 23 24 22 25 25 132
East Demos 14 17 11 12 20 16 90
Total Events 36 57 58 56 63 59 329
Total Demos 33 36 32 36 35 30 202
Total Practices 434 390 397 355 361 321 2258
Total Meetings 106 100 97 127 124 105 659
Total 609 583 584 574 583 515 3448
  • details the attendance records for many of the events held in Northshield's history.

    gives details of many of the public demonstrations that Northshield has held over the years.

    lists all of the events scheduled through Northshield's Calendar Secretary.

    The above totals reflect the data shown in the first three appendices.

  • Sufficient members of the orders conferring Patents of Arms to advise the Crown upon the admission of candidates to those orders.

    Northshield currently numbers 21 Knights, 44 Laurels, 29 Pelicans, and 23 Royal Peers, for a total of 85 persons. Many of the Peers of Northshield are currently active within the Principality. Each Barony in Northshield has at least one active member of each Peerage order, and 3 of 5 have Royal Peers.

    contains a list of Northshield's Peers.

  • Sufficient fighters of such caliber as to invest the competition for the Crown with the dignity and value it merits.

    In the past Northshield Coronet Lists have numbered from 8 to perhaps 20. However a quick perusal of the Northshield Royalty shows that in the first 16 reigns none of our Princes were repeat reigns and only one of our Princesses. All bar 4 of those Princes are now members of the order of Chivalry.

    Our Coronet Lists are primarily made up of individuals of long standing in the SCA, though not necessarily Peers. It is also to Northshield's credit that its Viscounty tend to remain very active after reigning.

    Northshield boasts of a large number of persons who have received armigerous awards for their combat. In addition to the members of the Order of Chivalry, there are 28 members of the Red Company, and 5 of the Order of the Gold Mace living in Northshield.

  • A body of kingdom law which provides for the maintenance and succession of the Crown; for the definition and advancement of local branches; for the appointment and removal of territorial Barons and Baronesses; for the conduct of such courts as may be required for the maintenance of the realm; and for such other matters as are found necessary. Draft laws, in the form they will be presented to the victors of the first Crown Lists, must accompany a petition for kingdom status. (See Governing and Policy Decision #3.)

    contains the draft laws for the Kingdom of Northshield. They exceed the requirements outlined in the Society Governing Documents. We are the children of the Middle, after all.

    Proposed Kingdom Operating Policies

  • A newsletter with quality and stability suitable for conversion to a corporate publication of the Society.

    The Northwatch started under a different name as the newsletter of the Barony of Jararvellir, in 1976, with few breaks in publication. It has been a Baronial newsletter, a regional newsletter, a regional arts newsletter (during the time that regional identity was discouraged), and finally a Principality newsletter. Currently, it is funded by its subscriptions, with occasional fundraisers held to make up any difference in costs. The Principality maintains a risograph for its publication, which serves to lower overall costs.

    The Northwatch has been the official newsletter of Northshield since its inception.

    From the Midrealm Chronicler:

    The Northwatch, which was actually first published in 1980 has been an ongoing newsletter in the Principality of Northshield for about 6 years. In that time the Chroniclers have not missed an issue. The Northwatch adheres to both Society and Midrealm policies regarding content, frequency, etc.

    The first Principality Chronicler set a wonderful guideline for the newsletter which set it on the right course for becoming a kingdom newsletter. I believe that the Northwatch would be a stable and suitable newsletter for conversion to corporate publication.

    Countess Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill, Midrealm Chronicler

    From the Society Chronicler:

    Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 7:14 AM
    Subject: Re: Endorsement of Northshield's Northwatch for Kingdom Petition


    I would gladly endorse the Northwatch (having seen it) and will do so.


  • Finances

    The Society Exchequer requires a new Kingdom to be able to support 6 months MINIMUM of newsletter operating costs before any Society funding is available (and even then it is not fully funded). She also requires a stable general fund that can cover Kingdom operating costs for two years. (currently $3100 estimated budget when Kingdom $4000).

    As of April, 2003, the Exchequer reported the general fund is sitting at $20,761 unallocated funds meeting Corpora's minimum financial requirements. The operating expenses for the newsletter last year were under $1500. If we allow a very generous $5000 per year Kingdom operating budget, and should the newsletter expense more than triple to $5000 per year, we have over two full years of operating money in the bank.

    shows the donation history from Northshield's Branches to the Principality.

    shows a breakdown of our budgeted and allocated funds as of mid-2002.
  • Other Documentation

    consists of a condensed history of Northshield. Northshield understands that the Known World is a large place, and many will not be familiar with Northshield's people, traditions, and history.
    contains proposed Marshallate Policies. Northshield feels that, as the Crown is decided by armored combat, enough rules should accompany any petition such that, were the petition granted, a Crown could be selected.

    What our neighbors have to say:

    Unto Our Royal and Hospitable Cousins
    Valharic and Alys, King and Queen of the Midrealm
    Doth Bela and Elizabeth, the Outlandish Crown
    Send felicitous and most joyous greetings

    We hope that this missive finds you in the splendid sunset of your reign with many beautiful memories to keep you warm over the long winter months ahead.

    We greatly enjoyed the time spent with you and all the great nobles of known world at Pensic this summer. Your hospitality was a delight and your people courteous and kind. We shall not soon forget the beauty that is the Middle Kingdom. Often it is the Parent that guides the child, Your Kingdom is wondrous land of many graces and it has created within its borders a land of equal but unique stature. The Principality of North Shield has grown with great wisdom and unmatched enthusiasm over the years and it is Our belief that the time has come for North Shield to respectfully and with great dignity become their own kingdom. A Kingdom's maturity, strength, versatility, and leadership are the cornerstones which define the structure of the land and all of these precious qualities have been very apparent during all Our interactions with the people and the Princes of North Shield. We have fought with them, debated with them, learned from them and rejoiced with them.

    The Outlands would be honored to be present at North Shield's majestic achievement when the day comes for that acknowledgment. For it is Our sincere belief that as a Kingdom North Shield would bring great pride and honor to not only their parents name but Our society at large.

    In service to Land of the Leaping Stag
    and the Society that we hold so dear to Our hearts
    We remain,
    Bela and Elizabeth,
    King and Queen of the Outlands.

    To the Board of Directors of the Society For Creative Anachronism Inc. (and all others who read this message) do We, Sarnac Khan and Joleicia Khatun, send greetings

    As the Majesties of the Kingdom of Ealdormere do We write to you in support of our cousins in the Principality of North Shield (sic).

    We support Their wish to become a kingdom of the S.C.A. THey have grown much over the past few years and We hope that you will find it fitting to grant their request.

    Joleicia Sarnac

    Greetings are sent from TRH Calontir, Chrystofer and Margarette unto TSH Kitakaze and Elashava,

    Thank you so much for the recent hospitality you extended to Us at Armorgeddon. We had a lovely time and look forward to supporting you and Northshield as cousins in the coming months. Thank you also for the wonderful gift basket filled with largesse. It was most appreciated. We hope you are both doing well.

    The Falcon Flies
    Chrystofer Margarette

  • Territory Claimed
    The states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, Keweenaw, Houghton, Ontonagon, Gogebic, Baraga, and Iron counties in Michigan, USA, and the province of Manitoba and the province of Ontario west of a line from the north end of Lake Nipigon to the intersection of the west line of Ontario and Longitude 90 degrees West, Canada.

    Click here for map.

    Appendix X contains Northshield's master zip code list.

  • Appendices

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