Syr Wulfgang von den Lowen Syr Wulfgang von den Lowen

Minutes from 4-11 Coronation

Present: Exchequer, KEM, MoAS, Chirurgeon, Webminister, Teffan, Chonicler, TRM, Seneschal, Polaris

Exchequer business

Move to identify new signatories for accounts.

Staying: Ingrid Raney, Elizabeth Jensen

Remove: John Lyon, Chris Lords

Add: Anne Hinseth, Katherine Palmer

Decision: Vote to approve as listed. All in favour.

Their Royal Majesties business

Bid for Fall Coronation to be hosted by Border Downs.

Decision: all in favour.

Expectations outlined for the reign of Tom and Sigrid:

Main goal is to enjoy activities and support fun for all. Stallari has the responsibility to carry out tasks and perform the work that allows a seamless running of the Kingdom. Each officer should endeavour to include those who wish to become more involved at the Kingdom level through mentoring, special projects and other ways of providing exposure and experience with kingdom offices.

Most business will be managed online and will be cemented through short meetings wherever possible. Nil responses will be required.

Procedures should be created for each office/delegates if these do not already exist. Likewise, officers are encouraged to create environments that support systems and structures that facilitate the execution of the duties of the office. Process improvement and process documentation is a very good idea and is strongly encouraged.

Webminister business - Teffan

Stellari list will be migrated but she is not sure about the status of the archives. She will be performing this interim migration. There will some down time to the Stallari e-list as a result. Advance warning will be given prior to this change.

Seneschal business

Seneschal is preparing a document examining how Stallari council disseminates information. It will be sent to the council for comment. This may include suggestions on how important decisions are conveyed to the populace.

Warrants for all offices signed

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/14/2015

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