Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield? Did you know that there were gnomes in the Gnorthshield?

Minutes from 3/15 – E-list compiled

Sensechal, Polaris, KEM quarterly reports submitted

Kingdom pavilion sale published, awaiting bids 

Ansila the Goth approved to be KEM. HG Raito to step down at Spring Coronation.

Clerk of Precedence applications discussed. Dyonisia Buleheued approved

Seeking Central Region Seneschal applicants

Request for proposals from Exchequer on how to best manage the proceeds from the sale of the pavilion. Discussion tabled.

Event Information Officer applicants discussed. Anna Meyer approved

Kingdom Webminster applications discussed. Abelard die Elster approved. Abelard to step up at Spring Coronation

TRM requested permission to use the travel fund to travel out of kingdom – approved

Award name submissions passed for Beare of Northshield – previously known as Great Bear; Bravura –previously known as Nordbandr

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/9/2015

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