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Minutes from 9-12 Coronation

Coronation Stallari Council Meeting, September 13, 2014

Present: Seneschal, Laws Clerk, King, Queen (Vlad/Petranella), Chronicler, Exchequer, MOAS, Polaris, Webminister, KEM


Opening remarks by TRM – SCA Time does not exist for the duration of this reign.

Seneschal succession discussion

Four candidates applied. All displayed strong credentials and presented positive options for the fulfillment of the responsibility of the office. Relative merits of each candidate were discussed. Eilis was chosen as the successor to Toramassa. She will be warranted as the drop-dead deputy and will begin training for the position. Office changeover will take place in the spring.

Toramassa will inform all the candidates today (all were present at the event).

Seneschal – requests updates to the website to reflect updated zip code divisions identifying borders for Caer Anterth Mawr and Turm an dem See.

Event to be held in Noiregarde in June 2015 in conjunction with the Outlands. Exchequers and marshals from Outlands have been in touch with their Northshield counterparts.

The current Chatelaine, Belle is stepping down. Lord Bazyli BoleslawKrakowska will be stepping up.

MOAS - Kingdom A&S event will be announced during afternoon court.

Chronicler – Arnbjorn is continuing to learn software and processes. Still seeking an editor. Changeover will occur at Boar’s Head.

KEM – Following the publishing of the upcoming Northwatch, no physical cards will be issued going forward. Some changes have taken place to the website that enact previously requested changes.

Exchequer - 2nd quarter report is available. A check will be signed today for the second set of crowns which will ship next week.

Their Royal Majesties – Guidance on best practices for the duration of the reign. Be open, frank, honest and direct. Counsel is valued and desired. Request that when posing questions or requesting feedback via the e-list that a response date be included and that all respond, including a nil response. Vlad is awesome.

Law changes needed:

Currently, awards without registered names will not be given until this is corrected. Two awards require registering. Bear of Northshield is a registerable name and will be submitted. Nordbandr – Award of the Bravura will be submitted. Group service award needs a name.

Passport requirement to fight in a Crown list will be moved into law. One member of the couple only will be required. This is to increase fairness and ensure accessibility to all groups in the kingdom.

Remove from kingdom law the granting of a naked grant of arms for membership over six months on the Stallari Council. It has not once been employed since creation. The gryphon supporter remains available. This change will be published for comment.

Warrants signed.

Next meeting scheduled for Crown Tourney.

Meeting adjourned.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/18/2014

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