Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price" Master Antonio de Casa d'Aqua called "Price"

Regarding the High Seat of Castel Rouge

Unto the Barony of Castel Rouge and The Kingdom of Northshield come greetings from Siegfried and Elizabeth.

Castel Rouge is one of the oldest Baronies in the Known World.  Its creation in A.S. V (1970) began a long and noble history which saw it become a one of the brightest jewels in the Crown of the Midrealm and
Northshield. We know full well the great responsibility We bear in interpreting the will of its citizens.

Our choice was not made easy, as three exemplary and well loved couples all offered to commit to five years of service at the helm of this great Barony.  However, after much deliberation, analyzing of commentary, and
interviews with those who have petitioned to joined the line of its Barons and Baronesses it has become clear to Us that THL David duPont and THL Clare Agatha MacLeod should be the next to ascend to the High Seat of
Castel Rouge.

We would like to extend Our thanks to Their Excellencies Robin and Ainesleah, and to Lord Gabriel and Lady Nadrah for offering to take on this enormous responsibility. In reading the populace's commentary about all
the candidates it's easy to see that each are well liked and all care deeply for their Barony.

Castel Rouge and Northshield owe a debt of gratitude to their Excellencies Erec and Isobel for all their efforts.  The Barony has certainly prospered under their watch. We hope they enjoy a well deserved rest after their
lengthy term.

Also Our thanks to THL Sigeric, Northshield TANG, for an excellent job facilitating the transition process.

We look forward to all the exciting times in Castel Rouge under the wing of their impending Excellencies David and Clare.

Vivat Castel Rouge
Vivat Northshield

Siegfried & Elizabeth

Posted by: Siegfried IV and Elizabeth II Their Royal Majesties on 8/17/2014

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