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Minutes from 4-14 Coronation

Coronation Stallari Council Meeting, April 12 2014

Present: Seneschal, King, Queen, Chronicler, Laws Clerk,Outgoing MOAS, Incoming MOAS, Exchequer, Exchequer Deputy, Webmistress, KEM, Chirurgeon, Polaris


Coronation bids for fall considered. This is the10th anniversary coronation. If the rock is to attend, either Midewinde or Silfren Mere are preferred. Three bids have merit however Midewinde and Silfren Mere offer stronger packages, Midewinde bid in particular was well put together. Silfren Mere selected based on location. Midewinde and Windhaven invited to re-submit for spring bids.

NEXT ACTIONS: Exchequer to coach Windhaven on financial elements that would improve their bid outcomes.

Laws Clerk change over. The change is going to take place at Quest for Camelot. Diarmait Mac Dauid will take over the position.

Boundary Changes. A requested change to the geographical boundaries between Dreibrucken and Midewinde has been approved and has been initiated. The cartographer is preparing a new boundaries document & will submit it to the Webmistress to update the kingdom website.

Castel Rouge Baronial changeover.  Polls will be sent out in approximately two months. Sigeric will be leading/receiving the polling packages.

NEXT ACTIONS: prepare and send out poll packages to CR membership.

Turn An Dem See previously discussed issues now resolved and financial documents in order.

Exchequer Update. (Document provided) Current year budget overview. Following an internal review audit two recommendations were made. The creation and maintenance of a budget overview document is a result of that recommendation. NB: the NMS line item figures represent Q4 actuals.

Budget vote requested. All in favor.

Regalia Fund. Current balance is $2500. Previously agreed to use general funds to supplement this amount as needed based on incoming bids. Countess Petranella invited to meeting to discuss current regalia bids.

A committee has been struck to manage the project and create a policies, procedures, and evaluations document. Members: Baroness Una, Baron Grimmund, Countess Guenievre, Countess Petranella, and Lady Sefa. There existed such a document at one time.

NEXT ACTION: Fina to provide the committee (or representative) with a copy of this older regalia policies document.

NEXT ACTION: Committee to provide a regalia policies document to the Stallari Council for discussion and approval by May 15. If approved, to be submitted to BoD by June 15, 2014.

Two bids received to date. One for feast gear and one for thrones. Bids discussed.

Feast Gear bid: Advice provided to bidders on changes to some details in the quotes including some design changes. All in favor to approve bid. Feast gear bid approved. 

Throne bid: Advice provided to bidder. All in favor to decline bid. Throne bid declined.

Reviewed specifications for a new round of RFQs for thrones.

Light colored stains/materials required.

Upholstery has a short lifespan under heavy use. If upholstery is included in the bid, it must include a lifetime service agreement.

Thrones must break down to fit into a standard sized car.

Standard chair height strongly suggested.

If chair backs are tall, the bid must include a cut-out or window. Sound is focused forward with tall seat backs and makes it impossible to hear if you are behind the thrones (i.e. as a retainer etc)

Bids may include a team of skilled craftspeople – there is no requirement for a single service provider.

Warranties or service agreement need to be done as a contract to ensure a fair execution.

Further bids to be solicited for thrones. Suggested that specific individuals be solicited to supply a quote. KEM suggests Petranella contact Emeryic (details to be provided). Other crafts persons identified to solicit either sole or joint bids.

Crown bids. No crown bids were received.

Recommendations from Regalia Committee. Bids should now be opened to outside of the kingdom. Announcements will be made during court to expand the reach of the RFQ process. A targeted solicitation of known crown jewelers is also planned. This process will require an additional 3 months to complete.

NEXT ACTION: regalia committee to solicit further bids for crowns and thrones.

Signatures of warrants for exchequers and MOAS provided.

Chirurgeon update. There is currently a high level discussion concerning the future of the chirurgeonate at a society level. Society Chirurgeon is currently unavailable to subordinates and no direction has been provided at this time. There is no known timeline for expected decisions and outcomes. Margalit is currently preparing guiding documents and protocols to ensure Northshield has as smooth a transition to the new system (when decided) as possible. These will be made available to marshals and seneschals when completed. Northshield in particular will require contingency plans when and if EMT facilities are not available or are seriously delayed. Geography makes this a very real concern. For the moment, the office is operating under status quo. Warrants signed.

KEM update. Q1 reports in. Subordinates instructed to address spotty event reporting. Currently, armored and rapier combat disciplines have the lowest reporting compliance. This prevents new authorizations from getting into the system.

A spike in injury reports reported. It is unclear if there are more injuries or if previous efforts to improve injury reporting has borne fruit.

Authorization info on website. In development: downloadable authorization/marshal cards. Also in progress: re-writing the kingdom manuals and submitting to society for approval.

Under discussion: Online marshal event report form.

NEXT ACTION: Webmistress to follow up and work with KEM to capture relevant data.

Webmistress update. Working with marshalate to resolve data capture issues that have been ongoing. Reported issues with the website are being addressed on an ongoing basis. Also having issues with Yahoo users. The web team is working through the problems and finding solutions as problems are reported. Key importance is to report issues to the Support email address or Facebook Website Support Group. Webmistress is currently looking for a new webhost and will bring proposals forward for discussion at the council level. Kit is currently working on a more automated password recall system. At present it is very secure but also very cumbersome to restore lost passwords.

Officers: Make sure you know how your officer approval system works. As soon as the great officer approves of the online change form, the update will be posted to the website. If officers have files to be held on the NS server contact Teffan. She can either walk you through or allow access for the individual to upload materials themselves. Items to consider: legacy materials, old files of ongoing relevance etc.

Herald update. The Nordbandr cannot be registered.

NEXT ACTION: Siegfried to follow up with the original herald who helped design it.

Current projects include a Polaris policy manual and completing the herald handbook.

Chronicler update. The chronicler continues to get complaints about the society newsletter login process. This is a society level complaint, not confined to this kingdom. At this time, the login process will remain as it is. There are restrictions on where material from the kingdom newsletter may be placed where non-members may access it. It is a society requirement to produce the newsletter but there are concerns about low readership due to an inaccessible process. Alternatives to accessibility discussed. Some modifications to the website may be needed to allow more materials be posted there for sharing with the kingdom.

Deja must step down at Boar’s Head. Seeking a replacement. Currently have one applicant with experience. Also seeking a new editor. Current editor’s assistant willing to remain but in a supporting role to an experienced editor. Further discussion will be conducted via the Stallari e-list.

NEXT ACTION: Royals to petition to have a change to the official nature of the newsletter made.

NEXT ACTION: Chronicler to summarize the new publication plan and include a snapshot of this plan for announcement during as many courts as possible.

NEXT ACTION: Crown to forward this material to e-lists for wider dispersal.

NEXT ACTION: Webmistress to create blanket permissions form to facilitate online submissions to the kingdom online information resource news network.

MOAS update. Katerina stepping up. Her goals for her tenure include the establishment of criteria and divisions for an A&S competition next year. She has prepared criteria for review. Rules and themes for the event will be published ahead of time. Suggested that she join with the SUN Chancellor to create a kingdom level event bid for consideration. The council stressed that the event rules should be outside of the A&S handbook. The competition is not synonymous with A&S in the kingdom and it is important to maintain division between these concepts.

NEXT ACTION: Tarrach and Fina to provide guidance to the MOAS.

NEXT ACTION: MOAS to seek support and guidance from kingdom officers.

Next Stallari meeting at Crown.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 4/30/2014

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