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Minutes from 1-4-14 12th Night

12th Night Stallari council meeting, 1/4/2014
Present: Seneschal (remotely), King (remotely), Queen, Prince, Princess, KEM, MOAS, Chronicler, Exchequer, Chirugeon, Webminister, Laws Clerk


Caer Antwerth Mawr / Turn an dem See issue
The history of the issue about the 53095 zip code was discussed. The history indicates that Lub Siochail had been a forming group, and was not able to remain as such and closed. The existing members were polled and stated a desire to be merged with TADS. Seneschal reported that he had discussed this issue with the Society Seneschal. It was confirmed that when a group dissolves the remaining members are polled and consensus is used to determine where the zip code should be put. Information about this is in the Seneschal long term files.
Next actions:

Lub Siochail is no longer a group and needs to be removed from the kingdom website where it is currently listed.

The Seneschal will coordinate between TADS and CAM to resolve the issue of CAM usage of the West Bend fair grounds/boar's head site.

The Seneshcal will work with the Kingdom Cartographer to correct the administrative issues of zip code assignment for TADS and CAM.
All other actions related to the transference of Lub Siochail to TADS have been assigned to the relevant people.


Fall Crown Bid 2014: Korsvag has been given the bid (see previous minutes).
Spring Crown Bid 2014: Jararvellir has been given the bid.
Spring Coronation 2014 bid by Riven Wood Tower requires further discussion. Site cost was felt to be high based on lowest expected attendance figures.

Next action: Seneschal will contact the group to see if they wish to make changes to the bid.

MOAS transition
Currently two people who have expressed interest, both are good candidates.
The application deadline will be end of January with the change over at SUN.
Next actions: MOAS will handle this issue.

Law Clerk Replacement
No paper applications have been submitted however three candidates have expressed interest. An announcement needs to be made for applications but be turned in by the end of January with the change over occurring at Hertzkreig

Total cost for sending Baroness Mearha will be $670, this was unanimously approved.
Seneschal and Exchequer known world meeting: total cost for both is $1,255.46 and this was unanimously approved.

Group award
The current plan is to have something for Crown to give to groups (households, clans, etc.) for excellence in service. (This could be in place of like 70 cyphers) This would have language along the lines of "may add the badge of [TBD]" to their group’s badge.
Next actions: Law Clerk to come up with specific language; Chronicler will publish

Regalia Committee
Sefa has talked to a number of people and she is writing up a call for proposals.
New minister of regalia is inventorying and developing policies and procedures.

Orlaith asked a question about the Stone which is currently living in Schattentor. The thought was to have it available for the 10th anniversary of the kingdom. It was agreed this would be awesome.

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 1/16/2014

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