Gwendolyn y Gadnawes ferch Arian and Dirk van der Kruis Gwendolyn y Gadnawes ferch Arian and Dirk van der Kruis

Minutes from 10-12 Crown Tournament

Stellari Council Meeting –Crown, 12 October 2013, Ramsey, MN

Present: TRM, Seneschal, TRH, Polaris, Sun chancellor, KEM, Webminister, Chiurgeon, Exchequer, Rodrigo, Chronicler, Laws Clerk, Katerina for MOAS, Jean du Malchance



Funding options          

The current crowns are under heavy wear and are in declining condition as a result. The alternative crowns are not in any better shape and many have been compressed to fit heads over the years and as a result no long fit most. Feast gear is also required due to loss and normal breakage. Regalia Minister to seek out what we need now for replacement. Some crowns may need to be permanently retired. At present,$2500 in regalia fund. Currently awaiting 9 groups to claim their portion of settlement funds. If these remain unclaimed, that amount will be redirected towards regalia fund.

Feast gear

Would pewter hold up longer? No, cut up quickly and can rust. Bids welcome – multiple sets a good idea. RFQs needed to replenish feast gear. Exchequer is primary point of decision making who will then assemble a committee to proceed on this task.Must include members of the royal family (past and present) 3-4 ppl should be adequate.


What is the ten year plan? Fundraising will be required to continue towards next goal. Chirurgeon: prioritize what needs to be done and in what order to proceed. Not all items have the same life expectancy and a replacement schedule attached to rolling funding. Regalia minister has been tasked with getting quotes etc. Assistance may be useful to get this moving faster. Her RH: will these be internal kingdom bids? Yes. Start internally and then there is no need to go outside if these are within our Kingdom means. Timeline: replacement items should be in hand in time for 20th coronation. (In 1 year) Proposals should be in hand by Boar’s Head.Laws clerk: inventory is part of the law and the regalia minister must follow them.

Regalia Minister position

This position does not necessarily need to be a single person and portions of responsibilities may be delegated. A taskforce should be created to guide the remodelling of the position. Regalia minister should be included in this discussion.

Group service award

Her Majesty proposes a new award to recognize effort and service for a group. This can be both martial and non martial. Similar to a purple fretty and broader in scope than a Hearthstead.Polaris has been seeking names. Need to rename Nordbrandr (cannot be registered). Research deputy (Meredith) will also be involved. This new award would apply to any collective of people. This group award will require enabling legislation.

Sanction Guidelines

Revised sanction guidelines were issued by the Society in August. There are now 3 levels of sanctions that have been clarified. Northshield does not currently have any means of recourse between two extremes. Seneschal proposes our laws mirror society ones. Polaris suggests we strike court of chivalry and not replace it with anything because society laws supersede kingdom laws. Enacting the absolute minimum (society version) means we are always within the law. Laws Clerk: council has a duty to consult and it must be put out for comment. Council in agreement.  Society rules are very thorough and most eventualities are covered.

Some concerns remain regarding lower-level implementations of these laws. A policy document may be needed to provide guidance and on reporting protocols. Seneschal to form a committee. Fina volunteered to sit on this committee.

Stellar University of Northshield

Bid proposed for SUN to take place in Rockhaven in February. Event approved.

Crown Bids

No spring bid currently received .Fall bid (for subsequent Crown Tournament) discussion: concerns raised regarding space. Bid approved. Fall Crown Tournament to take place in Korsvag. 

A call for spring crown bids is to be issued. Rotation is lost and all bids are now welcome.

Feedback from some hosting groups has indicated that the experience was negative and there is a disincentive to host again.

Social Media

Seneschal seeks assistance of a social media deputy. Council agreed. Gwen (Jaravellir) appointed.

Citizenship Treaties

The Society assigns citizenship by zipcode. If there are members who wish to participate in a Kingdom in which they are not physically resident, recommendation is to secure a PO box and make that the primary mailing address for SCA documents. Northshield will not entertain treaties and recommends the society level solution. This policy to be published in the Northwatch and on kingdom webpage. Laws Clerk to provide wording. 

Kingdom bid policy

Revisions required to existing policy. Seneschal to assemble a committee to create revision recommendations. Three different places on webpage on discuss kingdom event policy and none of them agree. Laws Clerk to contact Web Minister to verify all the internet locations and have these align all with what has already been clarified. Seneschal to follow up.


Discussion regarding the creation of a kingdom level Chiurgeon handbook. Benefits include centralization of policies, continuity between incumbents, aiding institutional memory. There is a forthcoming overhaul of society level chiurgeonate. A manual as well as a policy guide would be of use. Consensus: all great offices should have a manual on how to do that job. These would include manuals distributed to lower level offices/deputies. Margalit seeks  input from those who interact with the chiurgeonate. She will initiate the process of creating this document.

New Officers

New officers at local levels have not been getting manuals or policy documents and we need a system to pass on this information. Creation of a new officer packet recommended.

Web Minister: Change of officer form – all levels must be made aware that this needs to be done and that there must also be a prior notification sent to the higher levels of that particular office. Some offices still require a paper form/wet signature. Teffan asks that Officers list all required documents and if new positions need to be created this can easily be done for use on the website. Chronicler also offers advertising space to convey this message.

Polaris report

Presumption of title issue resolved.

Scroll of Honour had a fundraiser and a sum will be presented in court.

Mistress Margaret will be appointed as next Polaris. She will step up at Bull’s Head.

Minister of protocol has resigned. Polaris is currently holding this portfolio until the revision is complete. His Grace Morgan wishes to step into this position. There will be an open call for this and Margaret (Polaris incumbent) will make the call.

Chronicler report

Toki to mentor a number of people to assist in publishing software familiarity. Chronicler requires a new deputy. A call to go out seeking those interested. This position requires interaction and being an active member. More content is required for the newsletter and Deja welcomes new content ideas.

Kingdom A&S to be included in SUN

Warrants signed

Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 10/12/2013

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