The Mighty Fist of Siegfried The Mighty Fist of Siegfried

Minutes from 8-13 St. Radegund's Faire

Stellari Council Meeting – St. Radegund’s Faire, Mankato, MN 17 August 2013


Present: Seneschal, TRM, Polaris, Laws Clerk and candidate, KEM, Chronicler, Exchequer, A&S minister




Polaris report


Book of Ceremonies

The book of ceremony revision project is moving ahead. There are  4 committee members representing different interests in this process. Proposed changes include altering text to better reflect where the natural breaks are in ceremonies.


Scroll of honour

Also moving ahead is the Scroll of Honour project.  Master Gevehard is currently leading the project. The project is in need of further funding. Currently slow progress due to limited financial resources devoted to the project. Polaris recommended (and was supported) that a separate person be appointed to be devoted to the solicitation of funds for this project. Current estimated cost is $2525 with some funding already received (accounted for in estimate). General agreement that one person needs to lead the fund raising for this specific project. Once fully funded, project could move ahead relatively quickly.


Suggestions regarding fund raising facilitation that require action:

               Can there be a visual representation of what it will look like? HE Shava has photos of the Midrealm scroll. She will be solicited to share these.

               Create a description of the alterations/restoration activities to the current book

               Seek out a project support lead. i.e. cheerleader. Name suggested and will be contacted.

               Appoint a dedicated fundraising deputy to this campaign.



Polaris reports HE Ia, in her role as signet, should be recognised as doing a great job.


Presumption of title

It was brought to the Polaris’s attention that an individual has been using a title that could not be substantiated as having been bestowed. Polaris is to contact both the individual and the (potentially) bestowing royalty for clarification on this matter. In the event no proofs can be provided, the individual will be asked to cease the use of this honour.


A&S Minister report


By-laws have been submitted and awaiting comments.


Kingdom Earl Marshal report



Seeking candidates for Minister of the Lists.  An advertisement has run 2 months in the Northwatch. One candidate has come forward to date. Should this candidate be found acceptable, outgoing minister, HE Petranella, has agreed to help and provide guidance as necessary.


Currently seeking a Chief of the Artillery and a Youth Marshal. The youth area is becoming more active and the KEM has received several requests to grant youth marshal papers. Candidates to be vetted by KEM and background checks have been initiated by Mistress Katriona. 



In discussion with the Clerk of the Roster, it has become apparent that the tracking of renewals has some deficiencies. This is cause for concern as it will impact on kingdom reporting at the society level. The clerk was unaware of the necessities of tracking prior to this point.

KEM has been in contact with Webminister to find new ways to extract existing data to close some information gaps however more will be necessary to meet all reporting requirements in future. In combination with the BOD decision that no additional waivers are necessary if a fighter has a valid, signed, blue card, makes capturing this data important. At present, two possible expiration dates are possible. 1 – with expiration of blue card or 2 – with expiration of roster waiver.


KEM has also impressed the need for lists to track/report expired cards.


Working with the Webminister, KEM plans to develop an online tracking/reporting tool via the website.

Also, the offices under the KEM, including that office, are documenting this process and changes to facilitate future transitions.


Other projects


HE Tom still working on helmet project.

Mistress Margalit still working on concussion materials for manuals.


Exchequer Report



Two strong candidates have come forward: Sefa Farmansdottr and Jean du Malchance. Both deemed excellent candidates.

Considerable discussion of merits of each candidate resulted in the suggestion that whichever candidate is successful, the other should be deputized (if willing) to facilitate a future transition in 2 years. The idea of a cyclical office (candidate, successor as deputy) would be very useful, particularly in the exchequer position. It takes considerable time to get the appropriate names on all the relevant accounts so a deputy/successor concept would offset some of the time needed to transition into the Exchequer role in future.


A vote was held. First vote, 3-3. Tie-breaker vote moves that Sefa be appointed as Kingdom Exchequer.


Regalia Fund

Further to previous decision, large, heavy Midrealm legacy crowns gifted back to Ealdormere. Exchequer to be in touch with Ealdormere exchequer to finalize the transaction.

Laws Clerk suggests that there needs to be a functional regalia inventory system so that royals know what is available for use. At the moment, the kingdom does not know what there is.


Regalia fund is currently sitting at $2400. This amount is sufficient for perhaps one project, either crowns or thrones but not both. The large royal crowns are currently under heavy wear and need to be restored and only high-ceremonial use encouraged. Fundraising has been focused on the crowns at the moment on account of the urgency of the need. Council seeks a request for quotes (RFQ) for both crown and throne projects.


Next action: HE Rodrigo to initiate a RFQ for proposed projects.



Chronicler Report


Editorial Team changes


HE Shava has officially resigned as editor to take up her position with Tournaments Illustrated. Elena has taken over and, despite a steep learning curve, is doing well.


Emergency deputy has been absent. Chronicler to speak with her regarding this situation. A solicitation for a replacement deputy will be posted shortly.


Content solicitation


General calls for content submission have so far not been productive.

Ideas sought to increase populace contribution to newsletter.

Northwatch scroll centrefold. Shows off scribe’s work and displays artistry of the kingdom.

Would Northshield benefit having a reporter to contribute and solicit material?

Pool of writers willing to assist new contributors to dispel the myth of ‘it needs to be perfect’ and ‘I’m not a good writer’.

Suggested that Kolfinna be contacted to recommence submitting heraldic news and updates.


E-newsletter issues


Continuing access issues. It is now recognised as an issue and has gone to higher level authorities at society.


Seneschal Report


Inner Sea update


The group has been working with TANG and has demonstrated that they have returned to a stable position. Recommend restore status. Agreed.


Hvitskoger update


Hvitskoger – Ironwood, MI. This group is seeking full status.  Polaris reports that the group heraldry has not passed, looks like it will but so far in process. Full status is awaiting on sovereign decisions on name and heraldry. Exchequer would like to check on how long they have been reporting and with what degree of frequency. Consistency in reporting needs verification.


Next action: Seneschal to contact the group and update on situation.


Wynandremer update


Wynandremer is seeking dormancy or equivalent. Current population is insufficient and members in need of a rest and to possibly seek new membership.


Discussion of the implications of the options. Abeyance laws dictate how this is done. Merging with another group may be done however given the changing nature of groups, could place their possible reformation at risk. Both options would return the group to incipient status and they would have to start over (in essence).


A suspension is also possible given the possibility that the group may not have a quorum. While a suspension has negative connotations, the suspension lasts until the group seeks the sanction lifted. This puts the group in a position to restore their numbers and vitality. The group is voting on next actions and this will require additional discussion.


Schattentor Seneschal position


Current seneschal (Diarmait) has indicated a desire to step down (term extended due to lack of sound candidates previously).

Two candidates have since come forward: Lady Sean Morgan Aldheorte na Cettle Well and lord Timothy Morgan.

The Kingdom Seneschal was contacted by Diarmait further to a letter sent to him regarding an incident in July. Upon further investigation, this letter was cause for concern regarding the viability of one of the candidates. It is the responsibility of the Kingdom Seneschal to select subordinates and the council agreed on proposed courses of action.


Next actions: Seneschal to contact both candidates, informing the successful candidate of their new tenure and responsibilities.


Law Changes


Suggested that law changes that have gone through commenting period be read into law during court at St. Radegund’s.


Next Action: Law Clerk to send in current law changes.




Posted by: Kolbrunna Gisladottir Council Secretary (KLO) on 9/4/2013

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