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July Missive

Greetings unto the populace of Northshield!

His Highness Yngvar and I are so excited to have joined the Royal Family and equally excited to see where this year takes us. We truly appreciate the outpouring of love and support you have given us and we will certainly take the assistance you have graciously offered. Should you wish to help us in our reign, please reach out to our Chamberlains, Countess Jehanette de Provins and Countess Gwenhyvar verch Owen ap Morgan at chamberlain37.northshield@gmail.com and let them know how you wish to assist us. We also wish to express our gratitude to Their Royal Majesties, Lars and Mary, in their guidance and love. We will do all in our power to support them in their goals and to be there for them as they represent this Stellar Kingdom.

We are excited to know that the theme of this month’s Northwatch is Newcomers! Newcomers always hold a soft spot in our hearts and we hope those of you that are new take a moment to introduce yourself to us. Every person in the SCA remembers their first event and how being new felt, and we will do all we can to ensure that you feel welcomed, included, and safe. We encourage you to ask all the questions and be fearless in trying the things that seem interesting to you. Ask that gentle what they are wearing and how they made it. Ask that blacksmith if you can try doing what they do. Ask the armored combatant or the fencer if you can learn a thing or two about how they fight. I promise you will learn so much from our talented and inclusive community! Remember, there is a Newcomers tab on the banner of the Kingdom’s website, Northshield.org, with great resources for you to use as you navigate our community.

In July, His Highness and I will be attending Warriors and Warlords in Tomah, Wisconsin. I am honored to share that my Princess’ Sleeve Tourney will be held at this event. I encourage all members of the Rapier community to attend! I know how important this tournament is and I feel so honored to be, even in some small way, a part of it.

We look forward to seeing you all at events in the future and hope you all remember to stay hydrated and to wear your sunscreen. Also remember to fight well, dance to the best of your ability, and have all the fun this summer!

Yours Ever in Service to the Dream,

Isabella & Yngvar

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Posted by: Yngvar III and Isabella Their Royal Highnesses on 6/13/2023

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