Elspeth O'Leary Elspeth O'Leary

Spring Crown 2023

Greetings All - Lars and I, while delayed in arriving, were blown away by the event this weekend. Thank you to the autocrat and staff, all the martials in charge, the Roses who hosted the consort & combatant tea, the Peers who stood guard and all the populace who attended to witness the passing of the crown and the heralds who made sure the important words of oaths and awards were heard.

Thank you, Guenievre and Tom, for all you did. The Kingdom is better for your reign and we wish you Health and Happiness.

The Kingdom of Northshield requires heirs and as we have become King and Queen, there are empty thrones to fill. Heirs will be decided by tournament on May 13 in the Shire of Darkstone.

Without further adu, one of the following couples will be the next heirs -

Sir Theodweard l'Archier for Mistress Anpliça Fiore

Count Thorbrandr Olafsson for Jarla (Countess) Thora Heri

Jarla (Countess) Thora Heri for Count Thorbrandr Olafsson

Lord Thorfinn the Hunter for Lady Muirenn Bhallach

Countess Gwenhwyvar verch Owen ap Morgan for Count Rhys ap Owein ap Gwyn

Sir Kita Jiru Toramassa for Baronness Una Inn Kottir

Duke Tom Tinntinnabulum for Mistress Wu Yun

Count Kaydian Bladebreaker for Countess Cassandra Antonelli

Honorable Lord Cehero Oakensword for Baroness Marguerite Coquette de Lyon

Mistress Wu Yun for Baroness Ceolwen ingen Adaim

Duke Yngvar inn Heppni for Maestra Isabella Beatrice della Rosa

Honorable Lord John le Salvage for Honorable Lady Dyonisia Buleheued

Baron Wilhelm Amboß for Baroness Nell the Innocent

Count Hans Volsch for Countess Genevieve MacArtne

Lord Takeda Shinjiro Shintate for Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana

Sir Geoffrey de la Brugge, OP for Mistress Tatiana Marana Melville, OP

Baron Ulrich Aeowulf MacNaughtine for Lady Æsileif Glyfisdóttir

Posted by: Sorcha Bhuidhe Kingdom Seneschal on 4/26/2023

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