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January Missive

Greetings to Northshield from your NS Youth Officer!

I am sure many of the populace wonder, “What does the NS Youth Officer do?”

Well, to be honest, currently not a lot. I like to try to help out where I can, though. If you need help with children’s activities, and classes or need an extra adult with a valid/current background check, I’m your person! If I have that time off, I am more than willing to drive out to help with children’s activities, classes, etc. If you want to teach a class for children, but don’t have a background check, then I can sit in on the class and be that person with the background check, while you teach.

So what is my background? I have been in the Society since the ’80s, I am a (recently) retired K-12 art teacher, and I have worked with children of all ages since I was in my teens. I ran children’s classes at WW for 7 years when NS was a principality and provided children’s activities and classes when asked all over Northshield before Covid hit. I was a NS Youth Officer for several years while we were a principality, and have been back as the NS Kingdom Youth Officer for the last 8 years. I am a single parent (although my child has since grown to be adultish), and know some of the constraints that parents have to deal with in today’s world. Since we are on our way to getting back to in-person events, I wanted to remind the populace that I am here as a resource and to help as needed when possible. My specialty is arts and crafts classes, and I have a wide range of materials available for these activities.

Since we are starting to see more in-person events, I will be writing some articles about NS and SCA Youth Policies and Needs. If you have concerns or questions, contact me. If its something I don’t know or am unsure about, I will talk with the Kingdom Seneschal and get the answers you need.



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Posted by: Amytis de la Fontaine Kingdom Youth Officer (KLO) on 12/13/2022

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