Taryn Maeve MacTavish Taryn Maeve MacTavish

December Missive


Thank you to all who have reached out with congratulations and offers of help with our reign. We are excited and honored to be the heirs. Our reasons to fight in Crown are similar to many, rooted in a desire to serve Northshield and to help take the next steps as a kingdom. The Plague challenged us all and, rather than dwell on what could have been, we plan to focus on what comes next and rebuild the ties between us.

As you might recall, melee is one of Prince Lars’s favorite things. Fortunately for us, our Royal Parent King Tom (long may he live) also loves melee and together they hope to travel Northshield and beyond celebrating their love of melee with all. We appreciate those that attend, participate in, and run these events.

I focus on the softer side of the SCA. Having grown up in the Society, I have a deep love for our own history, stories, and interesting news of our chosen family. We will be asking people to share these stories and histories so our children and new members might enjoy the same magic as they grow.

Final thoughts for now: in the oath for a Royal Peer there is a line, “serve as I have been served,” that has many layers of meaning. To be Crown is a service, and there is great service given by many to support the Crown. Those who work behind the scenes in a reign see more of what service is given and needed. We invite more people see “behind the thrones.” If it is your desire to take a turn serving the Kingdom as Crown we encourage you to work with us or TRM so we can build back the filigree lost to the plague.

Looking forward to a long and happy heirship.

In service,

Mary & Lars

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Posted by: Lars III and Mary III Their Royal Highnesses on 12/6/2022

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