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December Missive

Axes and knives and spears – oh my!

Most people know that I lurve our Axe. But why, and how?

Back in the mists of time, on a chilly February day, Master Trelogin came up to northern Minnesota from the slightly warmer climes of the Midrealm. I can’t remember what the event was, but it was winter and I was in lateperiod garb. For some reason, he turned to me and Mistress Cassandra of the Western Green and said, “Wanna do something fun?” (or something like that – he clearly had shenanigans in his eyes). We looked at each other, shrugged, and followed him out of a side entrance of the building.

There it was, in a little clearing right outside the door: a throwing target. He grinned as he held up three axes and said, “Would you like to try?” (Duh.) We did – and it was fun! He made us Thrown Weapons marshals right then and there (wait, what?)! Somehow, I’ve managed to keep up with it, off and on, for over twenty years. (I really hoped I’d be much better by now, but I don’t practice enough.)

And then there’s The Axe. I was Queen of the Midrealm at the first Northshield Crown Tournament when Their Majesties Calontir, Garrick and Yasamin, gifted us one of our first pieces of weaponry for regalia. The axe head is from approximately the 13th century (if I recall correctly), and is mounted on a lovely, full-length haft carved with our kingdom’s motto. She’s a beaut and I fell in love immediately!

I was thrilled to accept the Axe on behalf of our new kingdom. So, you see, in a way, it really is “my” least, that’s how I see it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. (See what I did there?)

Love, your geeky Queen

P.S. Are you going to Gulf Wars? There’s Thrown Weapons there, you know! HINT HINT.

Guenievre & Tom

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Posted by: Guenievre and Tom III Their Royal Majesties on 12/6/2022

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