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November Missive

As we come into the cold months in our Kingdom, we are attending more events indoors. This puts people in closer proximity to one another. We must respect each other’s choices to attend or not attend events, or to choose protective measures when we gather. With all of this I would like to make some reminders.

First, The Kingdom Seneschal's office and myself are here for you. We want your experience in the SCA to be one of inclusivity and welcome. Second, if you do not feel welcomed and included and would like to speak to someone, we have many avenues.
• You can talk to our advocates. We have three; find them at
• You can visit our site explaining how to report an incident or if you just want to run something by the advocates:
• You can look at our policies about bullying at
• You can talk to our wonderful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) officer about ways to be better and improve; see them at
• And lastly, you are welcome to contact myself at I am always happy to help in any way I can. I take all emails to me seriously and will always stand beside Northshield and its People.

Yours In Service,


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Posted by: Sorcha Bhuidhe Kingdom Seneschal on 10/12/2022

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