Troops at Gulf Wars Troops at Gulf Wars

September Missive

Unto Northshield do We, Ajax Rex and Gaia Regina, send greetings.

Due to the abdication of the Heirs, We need to hold a new Crown Tournament. It will be held on Coronation day, September 10, 2022, in the Shire of Rockhaven and the winners will be crowned Sovereign and Consort that day. Tournament guidelines can be found on page 7.

Greetings, Kinsmen,

September has come upon us.

Our time on the thrones has been a blur in some respects and long in other ways. We set out to bring joy, healing, and togetherness as much as we could.

“Pax Et Unitas.” Our motto translates to “Peace and Unity,” even though We have the war season.

For the Kingdom, peace and unity of the people was foremost in Our thoughts. The last three years have been very tough with many safely isolating against a foe not easily combated.

We cannot judge on whether or not We were successful, but do hope We have at the least in some small measure brought back love and hope.

This being Our final missive, most of all We want all of Northshield to know that We love you. Keep up the good fight.

Pax Et Unitas,

Gaia and Ajax

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Posted by: Ajax and Gaia Their Royal Majesties on 8/30/2022

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