The joy is in playing the game The joy is in playing the game

December Missive

Unto the populace of Northshield, do Princeps Ajax and Principessa Gaia, Heirs to the Stellar thrones, send greetings.

To say that it was wonderful watching Their Majesty's Crown Tournament would be
an understatement. It was a day of honor, tearful joy, and excitement all around that not even the threat of rain could take away. A large heartfelt thank you to the Shire of Inner Sea for hosting a great event in one of the most picturesque settings that only the fall colors could expertly accessorize. A tremendous thank you to the Social Media team for broadcasting the day for those across the Kingdom and beyond who could not be there that day.

As the Kingdom moves forward with in-person events, We look forward to seeing everyone in all parts of Northshield. Currently, We plan to attend the Stellar University of Northshield, Tournament of Chivalry, and Boar's Head. We hope to see as many of you as safely as possible.
At 12th Night in Nordskogen, Principessa Gaia will be holding her Princess's Sleeve Tournament for all rapier fighters to come and show their prowess on the field. 

Pax Unitas,

Ajax and Gaia

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Posted by: Ajax and Gaia Their Royal Highnesses on 11/15/2021

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