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Stallari Announcement

Unto our Fellow Northshielders, do we send greetings:

The Board Resolution – "COVIDSafe Proof of Fully Vaccinated Status or Negative COVID Test Policy" from September 27, 2021 allows individual Kingdoms the ability to require proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID tests for admission to in-person SCA events. Northshield chose not to adopt the policy. There have been a number of gentles in the Kingdom who have voiced interest or concern as to how those tasked with making the decision came to the conclusion that the Kingdom should opt out at this time.

Foremost among the things we would like to make clear is that the process involved in deciding to opt out was the furthest thing from a casual, flippant action or something biased by personal beliefs. It was an excruciating endeavor that had to take into account the health and wellbeing of our Northshield kinfolk, the boundaries placed on us by the SCA, modern punitive legal concerns, tort liability, insurance considerations, and so on. Finding the balance between protecting the health of our fellow citizens while not causing irreparable harm to the organization that brings us together, was not an easy task. That said, it is also incumbent upon us to keep our friends and family informed as to how this came about.  Here are just some of the considerations involved:

·   The policy would apply to all in person functions we enjoy: weekly fighting practices, business meetings, A&S gatherings, social gatherings etc. The person responsible for ensuring that everyone who comes through has complied will be required to sign a statement to that effect, so the people assigned to check need to make very sure everyone is in compliance. As we have a hard time achieving 100% compliance on contact tracing at all functions, we would be putting those tasked with checking documentation in a very precarious position.

·   Conversely, should someone harass or bully a volunteer who is enforcing the policy, there are no clear or mandatory sanctions for them. Volunteers enforcing contact tracing and mask wearing have been harassed and bullied in Northshield.

·   The policy requires checking a government issued ID to make sure the name on it matches the proof of vaccination or negative test. If you don't have a government issued ID, or if it's expired or if your name does not match for whatever reason your proof is considered invalid.

·   There are communities within our borders that will not give people COVID tests if they are not already symptomatic or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive. 

·   It places an unreasonable burden on the untrained volunteers to check varied forms of proof of vaccinations and negative tests and determine if they meet the SCA standards. Not all tests are allowed but there is no guidance or training to help volunteers determine which ones do meet standards. 

·   In the process of reviewing vaccination or testing status, a vast number of volunteers across the Kingdom would be verifying personal medical information. Ensuring the privacy and security of that information under such circumstances would be immensely daunting and there is no guidance on what had to be done to safeguard it.

·   Like other Kingdoms, we have states within our SCA borders, namely North Dakota, that have passed laws making it illegal to require proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests to be used as requirements for participation in activities or admittance to facilities.  (HB 1465 and SCR 4016)

Your concerns and frustrations are absolutely understandable.  We have them as well.
We have been reading everyone's comments, and we appreciate everyone's courtesy and politeness during discussions at this difficult time.

The Stallari Council of Northshield 

Posted by: Alinore Wyndover Kingdom Seneschal on 10/4/2021

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